In Seattle, Search Continues For Shooting Suspect Police are searching a Seattle neighborhood Monday for the suspect in the shooting deaths of four police officers from a Tacoma, Wash., suburb. Earlier, a SWAT team stormed a house in the area where Maurice Clemmons was thought to be hiding, but he had already escaped.

In Seattle, Search Continues For Shooting Suspect

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NPR's Martin Kaste is with us now from Seattle. Martin, you've been following the progress of this manhunt. What's the latest on this?

MARTIN KASTE: And so right now they're grasping at anything that fits. They hoped that that would fit. But after a few hours they realized that that also was a dead end. So, all day long just chasing whatever they can find.

BLOCK: And there was also, and (unintelligible) where the police surrounded a house in Seattle, but the suspect, Maurice Clemmons, was not there either.

KASTE: The house apparently belongs to a relative of the suspect. And police basically surrounded it, kept the place cordoned off all night long. Then this morning the SWAT teams moved in and he was not there. Again, adding to the sense of frustration and that's what launched this long day of searching for leads and for some sign of him.

BLOCK: Maurice Clemmons has a long criminal history that reaches back to the state of Arkansas. Can you tell us what you've learned about it?

KASTE: It's not clear if he was even in a sane mental state. There's some talk about the fact that prosecutors wanted to have him evaluated to see if he was competent to stand trial. At any rate, this is all raising big questions here about why he was paroled in Arkansas, why he was released on bail here. And those questions are just getting more insistent even as he's still just a suspect and still at large.

BLOCK: Martin, thank you very much.

KASTE: You bet.

BLOCK: So there's the - he was in fact in jail until a week ago when he posted a bail for a bondsman and was released. And there's a lot of talk here about why that happened, so he has a very long rap sheet. He's been in trouble with the law, and for that reason and the fact that they have some reports that he may have decided he was going to kill policemen recently. He may have said that to an associate. They definitely have him on their list as a potential suspect here.

BLOCK: Martin, thank you very much for staying on top of the story for us.

KASTE: You bet.

BLOCK: That's NPR's Martin Kaste.

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