There are many unexpected Black Friday bargains hiding in plain sight Joanie Demer of the website — — offers tips on unexpected places to find Black Friday deals. There are lots of bargains — you just need to know where to look.

There are many unexpected Black Friday bargains hiding in plain sight

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Lots of great Black Friday deals are hiding in plain sight. You just got to know where to look.


GLORIA GAYNOR: (Singing) Let's make a deal. Give me your heart. I'll give you mine.

MARTÍNEZ: It turns out some of the best deals are in places where you'd never expect.

JOANIE DEMER: We're not talking about Target, Walmart or Amazon or Best Buy.

MARTÍNEZ: That's Joanie Demer, co-founder of the website

DEMER: There are so many places that you wouldn't expect that are trying to get a piece of your Black Friday budget and are having some great sales to attract you.


PATTI LABELLE: (Singing) I don't go shopping for love.

MARTÍNEZ: Demer says surprising Black Friday bargains could be found right around the corner at your neighborhood drugstore.

DEMER: CVS is great for gift cards. CVS is also the place that has $5 Conair appliances. We're talking about a curling iron that's regularly 20 bucks will be only $5. And Walgreens is a fun one because they've got $10 back on every $35 spent. You're going to be in that 70, 80%-off range if you're willing to play the game.


GEORGE JONES: (Singing) But if you're looking for the real deal, what ya doing looking at him? He ain't nothing but a cheap thrill. He can't love you like I will.

MARTÍNEZ: Demer says you can also find great deals at home improvement stores. And we're not just talking monkey wrenches and power tools.

DEMER: Lowe's actually comes in with some of the most exciting deals. They've got one-quart poinsettias for $1.50. They've got wreaths for $10. And they have 7- to 8-foot live Christmas trees for $63. Nobody's going to come close to those prices.


PATTI PAGE: (Singing) How much is that doggie in the window - (dog barks) - the one with the waggly tail?

DEMER: Pet stores really, really get in on the game. And the interesting thing here is it seems to be a rivalry with Amazon that's pushing down prices. Both pet stores are watching what Amazon is doing. Amazon is watching back. But that competition has really created some opportunities. And so while this is about unexpected places, the thing is sometimes it's the unexpected place that starts the deal, and then you can get the convenience of Amazon once they match it.


PAGE: (Singing) I do hope that doggie is for sale.

MARTÍNEZ: Demer says another unexpected place for Black Friday bargains is your local auto parts store.

DEMER: We've noticed one of the bestselling items this time of the year is wiper blades, so both O'Reilly Auto Parts and AutoZone both have great deals. O'Reilly wins. They've got a $20 gift card with any wiper blades that you purchase. Now is the time to do it.


LISA LOEB: (Singing) Warranty is in the sack, and you can always take me back. Go window shopping again, window shopping again.

MARTÍNEZ: Demer says the best way to save money on Black Friday is to just stay home.

DEMER: Ninety-seven percent of the deals are available online. So we're seeing some gimmicks trying to get people back in stores. But for me, the way that it's easier for me to stick to a budget is actually staying home.

MARTÍNEZ: And what could be better on Black Friday than saving money and wear and tear on your feet?


BUCK OWENS: (Singing) I got the 10 toy soldiers for Billie Joe. I got a coloring book for Sue. I got a little toy train for Danny boy and a cowboy suit for Lou. I got a talkin' baby doll for Cindy. I got a pair o' roller skates for Jane. And, baby, if we ever have any more kids, Christmas shoppin's gonna to drive me insane.

MARTÍNEZ: Among the retailers mentioned in this story, Amazon is a supporter of NPR. The Walton Family Foundation, which was started by the founders of Walmart, is also a sponsor of NPR.

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