The Golden Globe Goes To ... 'Avatar' James Cameron's Avatar took top drama honors at the 67th Golden Globe Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles. The ceremony honors TV and film and is viewed as a precursor to the Academy Awards.

The Golden Globe Goes To ... 'Avatar'

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So Steve, did anything surprise you, last night, at the Golden Globes?


Well, one thing, a little bit. "Up in the Air" with George Clooney - I mean, it was a critically acclaimed movie, and one that I, very much, enjoyed, it's a little bit surprised, it only won a Golden Globe for best screenplay - that was it, last night.

MONTAGNE: And you know, I was a little surprised that "Hurt Locker," which is also an acclaimed drama, won nothing at all at Golden Globes. And of course, all this matters because the Golden Globes are seen as a precursor to the Oscars.

INSKEEP: And if they are, it's good news for James Cameron's "Avatar," which won for both best picture and best director. We should mention that "Mad Men" took home the award for best television drama; MoNique, Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges were all winners for their respective performances.

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