Red Carpet Awaits The Star In The 'Eco-Dress' At the Oscars this year, one star will grace the red carpet with an "eco-dress."

Red Carpet Awaits The Star In The 'Eco-Dress'

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Hollywood can be a place where people who call themselves environmental activists fly in for Earth Day on private planes from Aspen. But Suzy Amis Cameron, who is married to director James Cameron, will also walk the walk along the red carpet at the Oscars.

Suzy Cameron will wear a garment thats described as an eco-dress, designed by Michigan State University senior Jillian Granz, who won an eco-dress design contest to raise money for an elementary school, which is described as eco-friendly. The dress is what Mr. Cameron calls Avatar blue - the blue of the characters who are depicted in his Oscar-nominated film.

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SIMON: According to the Web site, Ecouterre, the dress is made from whats sometimes known as ahimsa or peace silk, material spun from cocoons without killing the worms inside. Ecouterre describes the dress as zero-waste, which is like "Womens Wear Daily" calling a new design stunning. The dress can be re-worn and recycled. But, if Suzy Amis Cameron wears any Harry Winston jewels, she might not want to recycle them.

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