Three-Minute Fiction: Deadline Ahead Listeners have one day left to get in their stories for the current round of our "Three-Minute Fiction" contest. The four words that have to appear in each piece are plant, button, trick and fly.

Three-Minute Fiction: Deadline Ahead

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(Soundbite of clock ticking and bell dinging)


The clock is ticking on Round Four of our Three-Minute Fiction contest. The deadline is tomorrow by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. And don't forget the four little words that need to appear in your stories:

Ms. ANN PATCHETT (Novelist): Plant, button, trick, fly.

WERTHEIMER: That's novelist Ann Patchett, our judge this round.

Remember, you can use the words as nouns, adjectives or verbs in any tense.

Ms. PATCHETT: So, planted, buttoning, tricked and flying are also fine.

WERTHEIMER: To see the full rules and submit your story, go to our Web site, - all words spelled out, no spaces.

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