Movie Review - 'Cyrus' - Family Crazy, Done Loose And Low-Key Cyrus, a decidedly singular boy-meets-girl (and her bizarro kid) comedy from Jay and Mark Duplass, proves that mumblecore can survive the star treatment -- if the Hollywood names attached are the right ones. (Recommended)
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'Cyrus': A Loose, Low-Key Kind Of Crazy

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'Cyrus': A Loose, Low-Key Kind Of Crazy



'Cyrus': A Loose, Low-Key Kind Of Crazy

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This is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I'm Melissa Block.


And I'm Michele Norris.

BLOCK: It has stars and big-studio backing. Does it still have the mumblecore vibe? We asked Bob Mondello.

BOB MONDELLO: John is a sad sack: big and fleshy, a nice guy, but as played by John C. Reilly, kind of lost. Oh, he has excuses. He's still smarting from his divorce seven years ago, and he can't believe his ex has moved on, but even he thinks he should be able to put up a better front. Drunk at a party he's been dragged to, his attempts to pick up women get shot down so often he barely even tries to make conversation after a while.


BLOCK: (As John) Why am I even - I can't talk to you. What am I doing? I'm just going to mess this up because you're a really hot girl, and I'm just - I'm sorry.

BLOCK: (As Molly) You're not messing it up.

BLOCK: (As John) Are you flirting with me?


BLOCK: (As John) This is insane. I'm like Shrek. I'm like - what are you doing? What are you doing here in the forest with Shrek?

BLOCK: (As Molly) I wouldn't say that. I was going to be pee in the bushes, and you took my spot.

BLOCK: (As John) Really?

MONDELLO: This is Molly, played by Marisa Tomei. And she is, indeed, flirting with him. She goes home with John and starts seeing him. But no matter how intimate they become, she always slips out of his apartment before dawn - and never invites John to her place. Finally, he goes over anyway to snoop, and gets a surprise.


BLOCK: (As Cyrus) Hi.

BLOCK: (As John) Oh, hey, hi.

BLOCK: (As Cyrus) What's up?

BLOCK: (As John) Sorry, what am I doing?

BLOCK: (As Cyrus) It's OK.

BLOCK: (As John) Hi.

BLOCK: (As Cyrus) Can I help you?

BLOCK: (As John) Is this - I think I have the wrong address, actually.

BLOCK: (As Cyrus) What address are you looking for?

BLOCK: (As John) Is this - does Molly live here?

BLOCK: (As Cyrus) Yeah, can I ask who is asking?

BLOCK: (As John) Oh, I'm sorry. I'm John. I'm a friend of hers.

MONDELLO: John is supremely awkward, and he sounds supremely awkward here, right? OK, now the payoff.


BLOCK: (As Cyrus) I'm Cyrus.

BLOCK: (As John) Cyrus?

BLOCK: (As Cyrus) Yeah, her son.

BLOCK: (As John) Her son, yeah, I know, yeah.

MONDELLO: John quickly senses a passive-aggressive edge to Cyrus's apparent friendliness and before long, they're locked in a ferocious competition for Molly's affection...


BLOCK: (As Cyrus) (Whispering) You are out of your league.

BLOCK: (As John) (Whispering) I will knock you out.

MONDELLO: I'm Bob Mondello.

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