Gulf Relief Efforts Take On New Orleans Flavor In the wake of the Gulf oil spill, a nonprofit organization called Environment America has started a campaign called "Gumbo for the Gulf," and the Louisiana-based Abita Brewing Co. is donating a portion of sales of it's new "Save Our Shores" pilsner to Gulf relief.

Gulf Relief Efforts Take On New Orleans Flavor

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You can find the first installment of Hunger in America on our website. You'll also see a graphic tracking children who live in households that struggle to get enough food.

And now we have this note about people offering a helping hand in the Gulf. Last month, the nonprofit Environment America launched a campaign called Gumbo for the Gulf. The organization is urging its supporters to throw gumbo parties that raise funds to provide food vouchers for out-of-work fisherman. So far, there have been 35 gumbo parties held around the country, and altogether, they've raised more than $13,000.

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