Kelis Shows True Colors On 'Flesh Tone' After a string of hits and misses, rapper Kelis dropped out of pop music. On her new album Flesh Tone, she returns as a disco diva and a new mom with something to prove -- to both listeners and herself.


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Kelis Shows True Colors On 'Flesh Tone'

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The singer Kelis is best known for her 2003 hit "Milkshake."


KELIS: (Singing) My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like, it's better than yours, damn right, it's better than yours. I could teach you, but I have to charge...

NORRIS: After that song, she had more misses than hits on the charts before dropping out of the music industry entirely. Now, Kelis is back as a disco diva and new mom with her new album. It's called "Flesh Tone." Our reviewer Jessica Hopper says it's an inspired return to music.

JESSICA HOPPER: Amidst their well-publicized split, Kelis headed back into the studio, pregnant and determined to put herself back on the musical map. The result is her comeback album "Flesh Tone."


KELIS: (Singing) You draw me in. Every time I think I'm free, you win. Just like a sin, when I know it's wrong but still begin...

HOPPER: The album's disco-y sound is a departure for Kelis, but what is more surprising is what isn't there. It's not the messy breakup album you'd expect, given her situation. The closest she gets to addressing her own struggles is on "Emancipate," where she doles out Oprah-esque survivor aphorisms over driving house music.


KELIS: (Singing) Like a phoenix from the ashes...

HOPPER: Much of "Flesh Tone" is made up of love songs about the newest man in Kelis' life: her son. When she sings about her baby, she means it literally. On "Acapella," she mixes nautical and orchestral metaphors to describe how motherhood has taught her the true meaning of love.


KELIS: (Singing) I was walking, was living, my melody was acapella. There's a beat I was missing, no tune or a scale I could play. No sound in the distance, no orchestra playing together. Like a boat out to sea, the silence was too deafening. So come and revive me, I'll give you my heartbest, it's just me surviving alone. Before you, my whole life was acapella...

HOPPER: This album bursts with love, nowhere more so than the final track, "Song for the Baby," a summer disco anthem composed as an open letter to her son. Listening, it's not hard to imagine her swaying under a glittering disco ball, her baby in her arms.


KELIS: (Singing) So I'm writing this letter to you, baby, just like my mother told me. She always said say yes before you say no and say maybe...

NORRIS: The new album from Kelis is called "Flesh Tone." Reviewer Jessica Hopper writes for the Chicago Reader.

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