Literary Destinations: Five Books To Help You Escape In these stories — three novels and two works of nonfiction — a history teacher, a wry angst-filled teen, a budding celebrity chef, an intrepid spice hunter, and Ernest Hemingway himself whisk you to vacation spots around the world.

Literary Destinations: Five Books To Help You Escape

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Heidi Durrow suggests stories where the characters discover the pleasures of traveling and idyllic landscapes, and sometimes they also find themselves.

HEIDI DURROW: Now, if only we could all vacation the way Hemingway did - where each vacation not only revitalizes us but also inspires us to create something great.

BLOCK: Heidi Durrow is the author of "The Girl Who Fell from the Sky." You can see pictures of young Ernest and the other Hemingways on vacation and read excerpts from all of Heidi Durrow's recommendations in the Summer Book section of our website,

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