MLB Pennant Race Still Holds Plenty Of Drama Guest host Mary Louise Kelly talks to NPR Sports Correspondent Tom Goldman about the baseball pennant races as the regular season draws to a close.
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MLB Pennant Race Still Holds Plenty Of Drama

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MLB Pennant Race Still Holds Plenty Of Drama

MLB Pennant Race Still Holds Plenty Of Drama

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Time now for sports.


LOUISE KELLY: Good morning, Tom.


LOUISE KELLY: Hey there. So let me start with these still tight races in the National League West and the American League East. Okay. National League, the Giants are half a game in front of San Diego and the two teams go head-to-head next weekend. Who's your money on?

GOLDMAN: I'd give the slight edge to the Giants. They do have home field advantage next weekend against the Padres. The Giants have momentum and they have red hot pitching, which is so important. Last night, San Francisco's best pitcher, Tim Lincecum, returned to his top form. He held Colorado to two hits in a 2-1 victory. And here's a stat for you: last night was the 18th straight game that San Francisco pitchers have given up three or fewer runs. That's the longest streak since the Chicago White Sox set the record with 20 in a row in 1917.

LOUISE KELLY: Okay. Now, my home team, Atlanta, is looking for a wildcard spot. They would like to close out manager Bobby Cox's long career by taking him to the playoffs. What are their chances?

GOLDMAN: Yeah. Well, chances are always good. They're a great seasoned team with a great manager. But the way they're playing right now, not so good. Last night they lost their fourth in a row. You don't want to be on a losing streak this time of year. They've got to turn it around quickly.

LOUISE KELLY: Okay, American League. the Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays are neck in neck. The Rays have easier opponents though in the final week, it looks like. Is that going to push them over the top?

GOLDMAN: Maybe they need to serve free OJ there.

LOUISE KELLY: That could be a plan.


LOUISE KELLY: All right. Let me talk hitting with you. The Yankees lost last night to the Red Sox, but Alex Rodriguez did hit a couple of homers. He is now ahead of Sammy Sosa on the all time list. And then looking at the Toronto Blue Jays, Jose Bautista hit two more last night. He's now got 52 for the season. What is the first word that comes to mind, Tom, sluggers or steroids?

GOLDMAN: Well, I'm afraid it's the latter. The curse of the so-called steroid era, which supposedly is over, we don't know. A-Rod has admitted he used performance-enhancing drugs in his career. Bautista hit 13 home runs last year, 52 and counting this year - biggest increase from one season to the next in Major League Baseball history. There may be valid reasons but it's hard not to be suspicious these days.

LOUISE KELLY: Unidentified Man (Announcer): (Foreign language spoken)



LOUISE KELLY: Okay. Well, if you don't speak Japanese, you can probably guess who they're talking about. Tom, no controversy surrounding Ichiro Suzuki, is there?

GOLDMAN: I followed every word, actually. The rough translation...


GOLDMAN: Wow, Ichiro's good. This week he became the first player ever to get at least 200 hits in 10 straight seasons. Apologies to Pete Rose, Mary Louise, but Ichiro is the best, most consistent hitter we've ever seen.

LOUISE KELLY: Thank you, Tom.

GOLDMAN: You're welcome.

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