Letters: N.Y. Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino There were lots of comments about Robert Siegel's interview Tuesday with New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, and lots of adjectives describing Paladino. Among them -- "rude" and "boorish." NPR's Robert Siegel and Mary Louise Kelly read from our inbox.

Letters: N.Y. Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino

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Our inbox is chock full of comments - with some choice words about your conversation yesterday, Robert, with Carl Paladino. He's the Republican candidate for governor of New York.

LOUISE KELLY: Rude, abrasive and boorish. Those are some of those choice words. I asked Mr. Paladino about the impression voters may have of him after his confrontation last week with a reporter, in which he threatened to take out that reporter. Here's some of what he told me.

LOUISE KELLY: I will take out that bad government. I will take out the bad guys. I will take out Sheldon Silver. And yes, I will take out the trash. And do you know who's included in the trash? Fred Dicker.

: The New York Post reporter.

LOUISE KELLY: He's part of everything that is wrong in our government today.

: But on a broader level, on a broader level, you know, distributing email, by email, images of Photoshopped...

LOUISE KELLY: That's a broader level? How many times do you want me to answer that question?

: Well, I haven't heard you answer the question about Photoshopped images of the Obamas dressed up as a pimp and a streetwalker.

LOUISE KELLY: I apologized to anybody - okay - who may have been offended by my re-sending of emails. I didn't create them. I re-sent them.

LOUISE KELLY: Well, after hearing that, Marcel McNichol(ph) of Afton, Virginia, wrote this: I know Robert was trying to be fair and balanced with Carl Paladino, but you shouldn't have let him go so easy with the Emailsgate.

LOUISE KELLY: What does it say about his judgment and his values?

: And Sally Burnell(ph) of Kent, Ohio, had this to say: He would be an embarrassment to the entire state, if you ask me. I was embarrassed just listening to him rant on the radio. And she concludes: I hope listeners are intelligent enough to know a wingnut when they hear one.

LOUISE KELLY: Finally, Brian Bower(ph) sent us this from Detroit. He writes: With so many of our former elected officials in jail - well, even they would know if you have to argue with Mr. Siegel on ATC, sir, you're doing it wrong.

: I say, bring it on. Thank you for your comments, and keep them coming. You can write to us at npr.org. Just click on contact us at the bottom of the page.

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