Comedian Hosts 'Hundredaire Matchmaker' Don't think Millionaire Matchmaker is a realistic show? Then maybe Hundredaire Matchmaker is more your style. It's hosted by comedian Liam McEneaney.

Comedian Hosts 'Hundredaire Matchmaker'

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And today's last word in business comes from a comedian. He's got his own more realistic version of the TV reality show "Millionaire Matchmaker."


PATTI STANGER: Meet my millionaire. I'm a third generation matchmaker with an extremely high success rate.

INSKEEP: At any event hall in Brooklyn tonight, Liam McEneaney will kick off "Hundredaire Matchmaker."

M: You know, you're not meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right. You're meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right in front of you, willing to talk to you.

INSKEEP: This is for singles with mere hundreds in their bank accounts and for those who will not be turned be off when their date offers them Bud Light instead of a Chardonnay.

INSKEEP: That's the business news on MORNING EDITION, from NPR News. I'm Steve Inskeep.

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