Justin Bieber's Big Weekend: Keep Your Eyes On The Haircut : The Record Between the Grammys and his 3D concert movie, the next phase of the teen star's career starts now.

Justin Bieber's Big Weekend: Keep Your Eyes On The Haircut

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GUY RAZ, host:

Now, while many people around the world have been captivated by the events in Egypt over the past 24 hours, millions of girls are far more focused on another news item: it's opening weekend for a new film on the life of teen pop superstar Justin Bieber.

Unidentified Woman: I've been a fan of his from when he posted his first video, and I'll be his fan until he posts his last video.

(Soundbite of song, "Baby")

Mr. JUSTIN BIEBER (Singer): (Singing) Baby, baby, baby, oh...

RAZ: The movie is part documentary, part 3D concert film. And it tells the story of how the famously floppy-haired Bieber went from making his own YouTube videos to topping the Billboard charts all in less than two years. His fans are known as Beliebers. And one of those Beliebers is 14-year-old Abbie Byford. She publishes an online newsletter about all things Bieber, and she's on the line from her home in Hull in the United Kingdom.

And, Abbie, I understand this movie doesn't come out in the U.K. what, I think until next weekend. How are you going to possibly get through the week knowing that, you know, all those American fans have already seen it?

Ms. ABBIE BYFORD: It's going to be hard.

RAZ: I imagine. By the way, I noticed that your email address is abbielovesbieber@ - I'm not going to give the domain name, but you are obviously a huge fan. And you run a website called Justin Drew Daily. First of all, tell us a little bit about what's on the website.

Ms. BYFORD: Well, it gives updates of like the latest videos and news every day, like, about five times a day or something. And we have like a gallery with loads of pictures. There's about 50,000 photographs of him.

RAZ: And how do you find out news about Justin?

Ms. BYFORD: Well, I get stuff from magazines. And I scan it in and search people and, like, a lot of like news websites, get it from them and like credit them.

(Soundbite of song, "One Time")

RAZ: Okay. So a lot of parents are going to be listening right now. And, you know, a lot of them just might not get Justin Bieber. You know, they might not get the whole thing.

Ms. BYFORD: Yeah.

RAZ: So can you explain why so many, you know, preteens and even teenage girls love him?

Ms. BYFORD: Probably because of his voice.

(Soundbite of song, "One Time")

Mr. BIEBER: (Singing) When I met you girl my heart went knock, knock, knock. Now them butterflies in my stomach won't stop, stop, stop. And even though it's a struggle, love is all we got. So we going to keep, keep climbing to the mountaintop.

Ms. BYFORD: And also, of course, he is like pretty cute.

RAZ: I guess that doesn't hurt. So does he know about your website?

Ms. BYFORD: Yeah. In about April in 2010, he had direct messages on Twitter saying that, I love your site, thanks.

RAZ: On Twitter he direct messaged you?

Ms. BYFORD: Yeah.

RAZ: That must have been one of the greatest moments of your life.

Ms. BYFORD: Yeah. I was really excited when I saw it.

RAZ: What do you think would happen if you met him? What do you think you'd say to him?

Ms. BYFORD: Probably talk about my site because, well, I'd want to know if he'd like look at it properly and stuff.

RAZ: But you wouldn't do anything weird like tell him, you know, I love you, and give him a big hug and kiss?

Ms. BYFORD: Maybe - well, I'd probably be embarrassed.

RAZ: That's Abbie Byford. She runs Justin Drew Daily. It's a fan site devoted to teen pop star Justin Bieber. The film about Justin Bieber's life, "Never Say Never," opens this weekend.

Abbie, thanks.

Ms. BYFORD: Thank you.

(Soundbite of song, "You Smile")

Mr. BIEBER: (Singing) I wait on you forever any day hand and foot. Your world is my world, yeah. Ain't no way you're ever going to get any less than you should 'cause baby, you smile...

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