Letters: Sally Mann, Game Show Winner NPR's Robert Siegel reads letters from listeners about photographer Sally Mann's series Proud Flesh and game show champion Ken Jennings.

Letters: Sally Mann, Game Show Winner

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Time now for your comments. Last week on the program, we spent some time with Virginia-based photographer Sally Mann. And on npr.org, we posted an audio slideshow. Mann described some of the photos in her series "Proud Flesh." That's about her husband Larry's struggle with muscular dystrophy.

SALLY MANN: Given that he's suffering from a weakening, wasting disease, there's something languid about his posture. But it has also something very strong about him.

SIEGEL: We also talked last week with game show champion Ken Jennings about his crushing loss to a computer opponent on "Jeopardy!" He joked that he welcomed our new computer overlords. Well, here's part of how we introduced that item.



Sometime in the future, this might be an answer on "Jeopardy!" In 2011, this computer bested two previous champs on a television quiz show. And the question would be: Who is Watson?

SIEGEL: Well, if you'd like to buzz in on something we do, write to us at npr.org. Just click on Contact Us at the bottom of the page.

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