Rescue Your Reading With 3 Superhero Sagas Moviegoers' fascination with superheroes may be dying down, but author Mat Johnson knows that caped crusaders are alive and well in the medium that started it all. These three books will be kryptonite to your comic book woes.


Rescue Your Reading With 3 Superhero Sagas

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And in the spirit of Comic-Con, we have a recommendation now of three books all about superheroes. Here's Mat Johnson.

MAT JOHNSON: In the last decades, we have learned that comic books are not a genre but a medium capable of telling any story. From these novels, we can see that the superhero genre itself can be just as sophisticated, allowing us to once again feel the bliss of when you were just back from the comic book shop with all your glossy treasures splayed across the floor.

SIEGEL: That's author Mat Johnson with the latest in our series Three Books, in which authors recommend three books on one theme. His latest book is called "Pym." For all of our summer reading picks, you can visit our Summer Books page at

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