LMFAO: The Science Of Party Rocking The pair behind the chart-topping single "Party Rock Anthem" — who also happen to be the son and grandson of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy — explains the genesis of the song and the group.
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LMFAO: The Science Of Party Rocking

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LMFAO: The Science Of Party Rocking

LMFAO: The Science Of Party Rocking

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GUY RAZ, host: Time now for music.


LMFAO, MUSIC GROUP: (Singing) Party rock is in the house tonight. Everybody just have a good time.

RAZ: This is the number one song in America right now.


LMFAO: (Singing) Everybody just have a good time. Party rock is in the house tonight.

RAZ: It's called "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO, and it reached number one in Denmark, New Zealand, Mexico, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, Germany, Brazil, the UK.


LMFAO: (Singing) Take that.

RAZ: Okay. You get the point. This song is huge. It's the song of the summer. And the duo behind LMFAO, the aforementioned party rockers, are Stefan and Skyler Gordy, respectively the son and grandson of the legendary Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records. Stefan is better known as DJ Redfoo, and Skyler performs as DJ Sky Blu. They're with me from our studios in Southern California. Gentlemen, welcome to the program.

STEFAN 'DJ REDFOO' GORDY: What's up, what's up?


RAZ: So I think it's safe to say this is officially the song of the summer. Congratulations.

STEFAN GORDY: Thank you. Thank you.

RAZ: Number one song on the Billboard charts.


RAZ: Did you guys know that you were writing a number one song before you put it out there?

STEFAN GORDY: Our goal was, we got to get to number one. But at the same point, I still feel slightly surprised. But the goal was to, you know, make the world shuffle and change the world.

RAZ: Okay. Redfoo, you are the son, and Sky Blu, you are the grandson of Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown. So that makes you guys uncle and nephew, right?


RAZ: Okay. So Berry Gordy, that's some serious lineage. You guys must have grown up around legends like Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, Michael Jackson. I mean, were they coming in and out of your world?

STEFAN GORDY: Yeah. They were like normal characters to us, I mean, me and Smokey playing backgammon. You know, all the stars of Motown, Diana Ross and everybody, they were all so nice. And I feel like it taught us behind the scenes how to be towards people when we got into this position.

RAZ: Have you guys had feedback from Dad, and in Sky Blu's case, grandfather, from Berry Gordy? What does he think about the record?

STEFAN GORDY: Oh, he loves it.

SKYLER GORDY: He performs with us.

STEFAN GORDY: Yeah. He performs. He's - we got him spraying champagne. And he loves shuffle. He loves "Party Rock Anthem." He says it's his new workout, and, you know, he's learned the dance. And he's got his own variation, the Berry Gordy shuffle.

RAZ: I have to say the video to this song, "Party Rock Anthem," it's a total homage to "Thriller," Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Can you guys describe this video?

STEFAN GORDY: Sure. It's got zombies. It's got dancing.

RAZ: You have to basically dance to this music so the zombies won't think that you are actually a human and then bite you, right?


RAZ: Right. It's the main...

STEFAN GORDY: Exactly. It's to survive. We have to...

RAZ: You've got to dance the "Party Rock Anthem."

STEFAN GORDY: shuffle to order to survive. Yeah.

RAZ: You've got to do the Melbourne Shuffle.


RAZ: What is the Melbourne Shuffle that I've been reading so much about?

STEFAN GORDY: It really all originates from the Charleston, you know...

RAZ: How do you do the Melbourne Shuffle?

STEFAN GORDY: The Melbourne Shuffle is a mix between the Running Man...

RAZ: Oh, okay.

STEFAN GORDY: ...and a sort of like a sidestep Charleston. And now you have the Party Rock Shuffle, which is just the way we're doing it in the video and stuff.

RAZ: So your name, LMFAO, what's it stand for?

SKYLER GORDY: Laughing My Bleeping Ass Off.

RAZ: How'd you come up with that?

STEFAN GORDY: Well, you know, Sexy Dudes was our name for awhile first.

RAZ: Oh, Sexy Dudes. Right.

STEFAN GORDY: First, you know, and our friends didn't like it, and so we had to ask one of our advisors...


STEFAN GORDY: ...you know, Grandma Goodfoot 22...

SKYLER GORDY: Yeah. Party advisor.

STEFAN GORDY: ...which is Sky's grandma and...

RAZ: His real grandma.

STEFAN GORDY: Yeah, his real grandma. We were on Instant Messenger and we simply asked her, what do you think of our new name, Sexy Dudes? And she simply replied LMFAO. Are you serious? From there, the name was - that was it. There it was.

RAZ: That's Stefan Gordy and Skyler Gordy. They're better known as DJ Redfoo and DJ Sky Blu. The duo make up the electro hip-hop ground LMFAO. Their album's called "Sorry for Party Rocking," and their track, "Party Rock Anthem," is the number one song in the United States at the moment.

SKYLER GORDY: Damn right.

RAZ: Redfoo, Sky Blu, thanks so much.

STEFAN GORDY: Yeah. Thank you.

SKYLER GORDY: Thank you, brother.


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