The McClymonts: Country-Singing Sisters From Australia Brooke, Samantha and Mollie McClymont have topped the charts Down Under. Now, they're bringing their voices topside: The McClymonts recently moved to Nashville and released a new album, Wrapped Up Good. Here, they speak with host Scott Simon.
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The McClymonts: Country-Singing Sisters From Australia

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The McClymonts: Country-Singing Sisters From Australia

The McClymonts: Country-Singing Sisters From Australia

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SCOTT SIMON, host: Brooke, Samantha and Mollie McClymont are three country music singing sisters from Australia. They've topped the charts Down Under - now they're bringing their voices topside.


THE MCCLYMONTS COUNTRY MUSIC SINGERS: Are you ready to kick it up? C'mon. (Singing) Tonight is going to take a little bit more than the average girl in town. It's been one of those, one of those weeks I'd rather forget about. Get a plastic sheet for the battered old truck. Fill it full of beer and diet. Call your boss, your wives and lazy husbands 'cause no one's going to hold you down. We're going to raise the bar, take it off in my car. We got a whole new level of breaking it loose. So, kick it up another notch...

SIMON: The McClymonts have recently relocated to Nashville. They've just released their latest CD "Wrapped Up Good." Brooke, Samantha and Mollie McClymont join us from Nashville. Thanks so much for being with us.


SAMANTHA MCCLYMONT: Hello. Thank you for having us.

MCCLYMONT: Or should we say g'day?


SIMON: It would disappoint us if an Australian doesn't say g'day. You know how we are.


SIMON: And put a shrimp on the Barbie, even though I know they're prawns.


SIMON: So is Nashville where country music singers want to go - want to wind up, even if they're from New South Wales?

MCCLYMONT: Well, it was for us, that's for sure. It's always been a big dream for us three girls. You know, to one day hopefully, you know, get to come to Nashville and even just, you know, have a go at trying to, you know, showcase our music in this town. And now that we've had the opportunity and we've moved here in June, it's more than a dream come true for us and we're just enjoying every minute of it.

SIMON: Last month, of course, you performed for the first time on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. What did that mean to you?

MCCLYMONT: About two years ago, maybe a year and a half ago, we actually went to the Grand Ole Opry just to watch a show 'cause, you know, we'd never been before and Carrie Underwood and Josh Turner were playing that night, so we went along. And, you know, we said to each other while we're sitting there, wow, could you imagine if we got to perform there one day, and look, here we are two years later and we got to perform there twice in one month. So it was a very cool experience.

SIMON: Are there ghosts at the Grand Ole Opry?


MCCLYMONT: I've heard there are.


MCCLYMONT: I don't know if the ghost would want to come up against the three of us.


MCCLYMONT: There's always three against one, so the ghost is outnumbered.

SIMON: Let's listen to a little more of your music. Here's a bit of the title track from "Wrapped Up Good."


SINGERS: (Singing) What you going to do when I'm coming home to you? Will you hold me real tight? I hope your only plan is to be my only man and love me all night. Let's kick it back, baby, stop the crazy, get lazy and take it real slow. Hide under the covers sexy lover make me shudder, turn the music down low. You got me wrapped up. You got me wrapped up good. I feel the fire. You got my heart, baby, just like I knew you would...

SIMON: So when you're three sisters singing together, how do you decide who gets the leads and who gets the harmonies?


MCCLYMONT: Actually one of the easier decisions we make when it comes to our band. I think we all know each other's voices so well. I mean we've been singing together since we were little girls, so when we write a song we automatically go, this is a Brooke song. This is a Sam song. This is a Mollie song. It's never something we even have to question. It's nice and easy, which is great.

MCCLYMONT: And the harmonies come very easy too. I mean - this is Mollie here. I normally take the high on everything that I'm not singing lead on and Sam normally takes the low on what she's not singing lead on, so and then Brooke would just swap in between. So that becomes naturally and we just do whatever is right for the song, really.

MCCLYMONT: Well, we kind of know each other's ranges too. I know with Mollie, when she goes for the high harmony, you know, keeping that in mind, were I start the song, I've got to keep in mind poor Mollie has got to sing live every night...


MCCLYMONT: ...when we're out on the road and go, ooh, if we do it too high from, you know, where it's kind of borderlining on my register and stuff, I've got to realize how Mollie's not going to be able - she won't have a voice by the end of the tour.

MCCLYMONT: We could actually do a bit of a song for you if you want to hear it live.

SIMON: Are you kidding? Of course.

MCCLYMONT: What do you want to do, girls?

MCCLYMONT: We'll do a chorus of the single then.

MCCLYMONT: Sure. "Wrapped Up Good."

MCCLYMONT: Okay. We'll do a chorus so you can hear the intonations...

SIMON: Thank you.

MCCLYMONT: ...of our voices.



SINGERS: Okay. Three, four. (Singing) You got me wrapped up. You got me wrapped up good. You got me wrapped up good. I feel the fire. You got my heart, baby, just like I knew you would. Just like I knew you would. You're taking me higher. Your love is better than the weather out in Hollywood. You got me wrapped up. Oh, you got me wrapped up good.



SIMON: You have made...

MCCLYMONT: That's it.

SIMON: You have made my week.


MCCLYMONT: Aw, thank you.

SIMON: That was just wonderful. Thank you.

MCCLYMONT: Aw, no worries.

SIMON: Let's listen to a song where Samantha, I'm told, is on lead vocal. That's the song "Take It Back."



SINGERS: (Singing) Take it back if you really didn't mean it. Anymore I don't know if I believe it. I'm done hearing all of your excuses...

SIMON: How do you figure out who writes what?

MCCLYMONT: Yeah, we just separate. We co-wrote all of the tracks on the record and we go off and sometimes we do it in Australia or in America, and the three of us either write together or we co-wrote with other people and it's really just a mixture. We like to mix it up so that we have lots of songs. Rather than one song, we can come back at the end of the day sometimes and have three songs between us all.


SINGERS: (Singing) ...make me feel so mad I can't stop laughing. So sad I can't stop crying. The raindrops won't stop falling, even though the sky is blue. The one thing I can stop is loving you.

SIMON: You know, great groups like the Beatles, no matter how much they sang together were still four separate voices. There's something about the three of you together, which is quite haunting.

MCCLYMONT: Thank you.

MCCLYMONT: We can thank our mother and father for that one.


MCCLYMONT: We actually confuse them every time we call them up. And, you know, this is Brooke here. If I say, hi, dad. And he goes hey, Sam.


MCCLYMONT: And I just ride along with it. I go, yeah, I'm good. We confuse him.

MCCLYMONT: Then later on he goes, this isn't Sam.

MCCLYMONT: ...isn't Sam.


SIMON: Do you get back to Australia much?

MCCLYMONT: Yeah. Well, I guess we've only just moved here in June so, you know...

SIMON: Oh, that's fairly new.

MCCLYMONT:'s been nice holiday, I guess, from friends and family.


MCCLYMONT: Well, we'll start missing them soon.


MCCLYMONT: But we are going home for Christmas so we'll spend Christmas with Mom and Dad and then we'll come back in January.

SIMON: Ladies, it's been wonderful to speak with you. Thanks so much.

MCCLYMONT: Aw, thank you so much for the interview.

MCCLYMONT: Thank you.

MCCLYMONT: That was fun.

SIMON: Brooke, Samantha, and Mollie McClymont. They're speaking with us from Nashville. Their new album "Wrapped Up Good."


SINGERS: (Singing) I'm in love with you.

SIMON: This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. G'day, I'm Scott Simon.

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