Anthony Hamilton Has Something To Prove The soul singer's recently released album is finally earning him some wider appeal, after two decades in the music business.

Anthony Hamilton Has Something To Prove

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All through 2011, we've worked to bring you the latest music on the air and online. And now, as this year ends, we'll catch up on some music we missed, including R&B singer Anthony Hamilton. His album "Back to Love" came out earlier this month.


ANTHONY HAMILTON: (Singing) I'm mad at the way she loves me. And I'm mad at the way she cares.

INSKEEP: This song is called "Mad," and it explores the complications of staying in love.

HAMILTON: It's this grumpy man who's, you know, in a relationship. They've settled in. You know, he loves her, but he wishes she would go to the store or go to her mom's house, or whatever it may be.


HAMILTON: (Singing) I'd be lying if I said I didn't love her. I'm still here.

INSKEEP: Anthony Hamilton is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, where he sang in the church choir as a kid. As an adult, he often sings of characters who face temptation.


HAMILTON: (Singing) I was, like, minding my business, wasn't thinking about striking up no conversation.

There's a lot of people that have weaknesses to sex and booze, or whatever it may be. And I'm not one that's too far from having any of those problems myself. I think we are all one decision away from messing ourselves up.


HAMILTON: (Singing) It was critical, even biblical. Just liked Delilah said.

INSKEEP: Amid his R&B songs, which have made him famous in many quarters, Anthony Hamilton also dropped a pop tune on this latest album. It's called "Sucka for You."


HAMILTON: (Singing) I saw you out on the town, looking real nice, had to come talk to you.

"Sucka for You" was a way of letting people know, like, I know you heard me on the R&B ballads, but this is a part of my personality. I ain't too proud to beg. I ain't too tired to stay up all night. I got something to prove.


Singer Anthony Hamilton. You can hear songs from his album "Back to Love" at our website:


HAMILTON: (Singing) I ain't too proud to beg. I ain't too proud to beg all night. I've got something to prove, something to do, I'm a sucka for you. I'm a sucka for you. I ain't too proud to beg. Ain't too proud to beg all night. You got me breaking the rules...

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