'Gone With The Wind' Author's Estate A Windfall Weekend Edition Sunday guest host Linda Wertheimer takes a look at what happened to the estate of Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone with the Wind.

'Gone With The Wind' Author's Estate A Windfall

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The novel, "Gone with the Wind," has never gone out of style. Customers still buy the book, rent the movie, and remember the best lines spoken by long-dead actors more than 70 years ago. And now, "Gone with the Wind" is going to church, specifically the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Margaret Mitchell wrote the novel, her family inherited the rights. Her nephew, Joseph Mitchell, died last fall and left his share of "Gone with the Wind" to the archdiocese, along with some first editions and other memorabilia which belonged to Margaret Mitchell. The bequest is worth quite a bit of money. Millions of dollars for the archdiocese. A gone with the windfall?


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