Kiss Slot Machines To Debut In Las Vegas Fans of the rock band Kiss can rock-n-roll all night and party every day from the comfort of a casino. Starting next week in Las Vegas, the group will be on slot machines.

Kiss Slot Machines To Debut In Las Vegas

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There is at least one group of musicians out there who don't seem to have any money problems. Our last word in business is: Kiss. They know what their fans want.



You know you're moving your head as if you're playing a guitar onstage right now.

Kiss fans can rock and roll all night, party every day - all from the comfort of a casino. The hard rocking band has sold its likeness to movies, comic books and video games in the past, and now will grace slot machines. Gamblers can listen to Kiss music pumped through Bose speakers as they win, or lose.

GREENE: Yep. The guys known for black and white face paint are not the first to show up on slot machines. Michael Jackson and, of course, Elvis have also staked their claim to some of over which 100,000 slot machines in the Las Vegas area.

Here we like to rock and roll all morning. On MORNING EDITION, it's the business news. I'm David Greene.

INSKEEP: And I'm Steve Inskeep. Party every day.

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