Sundancing All the Way Home The Bryant Park Project has been covering the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, with interviews, trailers and insider video you can't get anywhere else. With special reports from the Cause Collective, Bay Area artists who just keep dancing when the lights go out.
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Sundancing All the Way Home

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Sundancing All the Way Home

Sundancing All the Way Home

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So while Alison and company are freezing their little tushies off at Sundance, THE BRYANT PARK blog is toasty and warm, and here to stoke the fire is our Web editor Laura Conaway.

LAURA CONAWAY: Good morning.

MARTIN: Hey, Laura.

(Soundbite of music)

MARTIN: There is you're theme music. Heated up. Heated up, heated up. So what is cooking on the blog?

CONAWAY: Man, I got to tell you, these people out in Sundance - I talked to video producer Wyn Rosenfeld over the weekend. And he said, it basically sounds like he's trying to file from under a tree somewhere in the African savannah. I mean, it's not…

MARTIN: Pretty much.

CONAWAY: It's not warm, but there's just no WiFi. And that's not withstanding, you guys are left to just push out an incredible amount of really wonderful video, lots of diary stuff right from the scene, interviews can't get anywhere else, trailers.

MARTIN: Yeah, it's very cool. I've been reading it all weekend. Very fun.

CONAWAY: More to come. More to come.

MARTIN: Yeah. Now, they're just packed with stuff. What are guys sending today, Alison, do you know yet?

CONAWAY: We're going to actually send you, because we're all traveling today, we're going to send you a blooper's reel.

MARTIN: The things that you did not see.

STEWART: Oh, that's so good.

MARTIN: In Sundance.

CONAWAY: Thank you.

MARTIN: And probably - what else Wyn?

What else? Yeah, that's what Wyn says we're sending.

CONAWAY: That's great, a blooper.


(Soundbite of laughter)

CONAWAY: (unintelligible). So that's pretty cool. The other thing we have is a bunch of post from these people in the Cause Collective. And this is what I would hope to be like if I ever went to the Sundance. The part of the new frontier on main - they basically - they do video mash-ups and just kind of crazy stuff. And they spent the first two or three days, not sleeping and trying to get their project going. Sounds like they've gotten things under control, and they've moved up the hierarchy at least now, and they're partying.

And Jessica Ingram(ph) writes today that she's finally found some whiskey…

(Soundbite of laughter)

CONAWAY: She ran away to meet Robert Redford. So we have a lot of great photos from them.

MARTIN: That's so cool. You know, I have full disclosure. One of the team members on that project is a very good friend of mine. A little shout out to Ryan Alexiev(ph). So, very cool to see them enjoying themselves. A lot of hard work. What a stress, my gosh!


STEWART: Oh, unbelievable these filmmakers, what they've been through. Actually, we have a couple of filmmaker interviews that probably going to pop up later on in the week. We're just not going to get to today. So there'll be plenty more of the Sundance all week long.

MARTIN: All right. Let's keep them coming. And we also are going to have some video from - an interview coming up with Gil Scott-Heron who's just too cool for school. I mean, the godfather of rap, the godfather of hip-hop. And you talk about Martin Luther King Day, this guy was here. He was right there with him, and he talks a little bit - he reads from a poem he wrote. We have video of it.

MARTIN: It's a lovely reading. Yeah.

CONAWAY: It's really - it's a lovely reading it's worth checking out, so come visit the blog. It's And we're still hanging out on Twitter, That's just growing and really getting toasty warm all the time.

MARTIN: Cool. Thank you.

NPR BRYANT PARK PROJECT's Web Editor Laura Conaway.

Stay with us. That interview we just talked about. Musician and poet Gil Scott-Heron, one of the men behind the creation of the Martin Luther King holiday, that's today. That's why some of you people have the day off from work so listen up. It will be would be good.


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