A Tale of Two Online Games Boggleific and Scrabulous are online versions of two popular games owned by the toy company Hasbro: Scrabble and Boggle. But creators of the online games have reacted differently to a cease-and-desist order from Hasbro.

A Tale of Two Online Games

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And our last word in business today is Bogglific.


That's a word.

INSKEEP: Is now.

MONTAGNE: Hope you're not planning to use it in Scrabble.

INSKEEP: That is the other last word in business, by the way - Scrabulous. Bogglific and Scrabulous are online versions of two popular games, Scrabble and Boggle. The toy company Hasbro owns both the original games and it has ordered the creators of both online versions, one in India, one in New Zeeland, to cease and desist. Bogglific is now gone, though its online creator disagrees that he violated any copyright law. Scrabulous remains online, raising speculation that its creators may have reached a deal with Hasbro.

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