Call for Podcaster Contributions Are you a podcaster under 30 who's passionate about Election 2008? Weekend Edition Sunday wants to hear from you! We want a diverse group of podcasters to tell us how the election is playing out in their areas.

Call for Podcaster Contributions

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And now a call out to all of you podcasters under the age of 30 who are passionate about Election 2008. WEEKEND EDITION SUNDAY wants you. We want to put together a diverse team of podcasters from all political persuasions who are interested in contributing podcasts to the show. So if you have a lot to say about Election 2008 and how it is playing out where you live, go to our Web site at and click on the Contact Us link.

Tell us about yourself, your interest in the election, and why you'd be a great choice. Please put the word podcaster in the subject line of your email and be sure to include links to your previous podcast work. We look forward to hearing from you.

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