Cleveland Fan Grabs 4 Foul Balls At Indians Game : The Two-Way Greg Van Niel is a Cleveland Indians season-ticket holder. But he wasn't sitting in his usual seats when he grabbed four foul balls at yesterday's game at Progressive Field in Cleveland against the Kansas City Royals.

Cleveland Fan Grabs 4 Foul Balls At Indians Game

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Good morning, I'm David Greene.

In baseball yesterday, Cleveland beat Kansas City six-to-four. So the Indians had a good day, but not as good a day as one of their fans, Greg Van Niel. Get this: He caught not one, not two, not three, but four foul balls during the game. The season ticket-holder has been attending games since the '70s, never caught a foul before. What changed? Well, for one thing, Van Niel did not sit in his usual seat.

He told ESPN, We were one section over - happened to be the lucky section.


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