Peace And War We give you the "opposite" of a well-known book title. Just give us the real title. Good luck!
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Peace And War

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Peace And War

Peace And War

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Now it's time to crown this week's grand champion. Let's bring back the winners from all our of games. From City of Twins, Nate Metcalf. From License to Ill, Katie Sisneros. From This, That, or the Other, Kevin Murphy. From Celebrity Spoonerisms, Susan Herder. And from Grammatically incorrect songs, Paul Reyburn.


EISENBERG: I'm going to ask our puzzle guru Art Chung to crown our winner.

ART CHUNG: I would be happy to, Ophira. This final round is called Peace and War. Contestants, I'm going to give you the opposite of a well known book title and your job is to give me the real title. Keep in mind we're using the word opposite very, very loosely.


CHUNG: So, for example, if I said "The Visible Woman" your answer would be "The Invisible Man." We're going to play this spelling bee style so one wrong answer and you're out. You only have a few seconds to give me the answer and the last person standing is our grand winner. Here we go. Nate, "Of Cats and Women."

NATE METCALF: "Of Mice and Men."

CHUNG: That's correct. Katie, "A Hello from Legs."

KATIE SISNEROS: "A Farewell to Arms."

CHUNG: You got it. Kevin, "The Emerald Number."

KEVIN MURPHY: I'm sorry.

CHUNG: "The Emerald Number."

MURPHY: "The Emerald Number"? Oh, "The green - I don't know. I drew a blank.

CHUNG: I'm sorry, no. That's OK. Kevin, step aside. Let's see if Susan knows the answer.

SUSAN HERDER: "The Scarlet Letter."


CHUNG: That is correct. I'm sorry, Kevin, you're out. Paul, "Daughters and Haters."

PAUL REYBURN: "Sons and Lovers."

CHUNG: Correct. We're back to Nate. "Celsius 232.78."


METCALF: "Fahrenheit 451."

CHUNG: You got it. Katie, "Weeds in the Basement."

SISNEROS: "Flowers in the Attic."

CHUNG: Correct.



CHUNG: Katie went no, but that is correct. Susan, "The Bad Sky."

HERDER: "The Good Earth."

CHUNG: You got it. Very nice. Paul, "Tough is the Day." Three seconds.

REYBURN: "Easy is the Night"?

CHUNG: No, I'm sorry. That's incorrect. Nate, do you know the answer?

METCALF: "Tender is the Night."

CHUNG: "Tender is the Night." Thank you, Paul.


CHUNG: Back to Katie. "Kind of Quiet and a Tad Far Away."

SISNEROS: There's a whole - I know the words. "Very Close and Incredibly Loud."

CHUNG: No, I'm sorry. That's...


CHUNG: ...close but not correct.


CHUNG: Susan?

HERDER: "Extremely Loud and - what's the last part?


CHUNG: Three seconds.

HERDER: "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"?

CHUNG: That's right. That's right.


CHUNG: Thank you, Katie. We are down to two players, Nate and Susan. Nate, "She's Totally Obsessed with Me."

METCALF: "He's Just Not that Into You."

CHUNG: Well, that's sad but true.


CHUNG: Susan, "How to Lose Enemies and Dissuade Animals."


HERDER: "How to Win Friends and Influence People"?

CHUNG: Correct. Nate, "Our Ears Were Ignoring the Devil." "Our Ears Were Ignoring the Devil."

METCALF: "Our Eyes Were Turned to God"?

CHUNG: No, I'm sorry. That's not correct. Susan, do you know the answer?

HERDER: "Their Eyes Were Watching God."

CHUNG: You got it! You're our winner.


EISENBERG: That was very close. Nate, well done. Susan, you did it. You're our ASK ME ANOTHER big winner.


EISENBERG: And our VIP, Piper Kerman, has provided your prize which is not only a signed copy of her memoir but you also get some swag from the show. You get bright orange fingerless gloves that have the logo on them and these were only given to the cast on the set.

HERDER: Awesome.

EISENBERG: And they'll be given to you. So congratulations, Susan.

HERDER: Thank you.


EISENBERG: Thank you, St. Paul, for showing us such a great time. If you're listening at home and would like to be a contestant on our show, just find us on Facebook or Twitter. Just look around for NPR ASK ME ANOTHER. And you can be a puzzle player any time, any place by downloading our podcast.

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