The Disney Wrongbook The song "Can You Feel The Love Tonight," from The Lion King may be about Simba and Nalas' feelings for each other. But when house musician Jonathan Coulton gets his hands on it, he just might turn it into a tribute to The Price is Right. In this game, Coulton performs renditions of Disney tunes with the lyrics rewritten to be about very non-Disney things.

The Disney Wrongbook

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Please welcome Rachel Matz and Jason Samuels. Jason, you are a math professor, stats and calculus, smartie pants.

JASON SAMUELS: That's right.

EISENBERG: But this is not your first game show.

SAMUELS: When I was eight years old, I was on a game show. And you guys remember the game show, it's called "Child's Play." So they would record children, eight, nine years old, describing what they thought a word meant and then they would show that little clip for the two contestants who were adults and the adults would try to guess what word they were describing.

EISENBERG: And? How did you do?

SAMUELS: Oh, well, just for appearing on the show I got a prize.

EISENBERG: Well, that's nice. Now, Rachel, you have done many things, but one that stuck out to me was that you founded the Ivy League School of Burlesque.

RACHEL MATZ: Yes. That's true. Thank you.

EISENBERG: So I need to know what SAT scores and/or measurements do I need to join.

MATZ: Ophira, I think you're doing fine with your measurements right now.

EISENBERG: That's right, radio listeners. I'm doing fine. All right. This next game is called "The Disney Wrongbook" and it is not an employee manual for working at DisneyWorld. It is a music game. So Jonathan, take it away.

JONATHAN COULTON: Yes. For this game, we are going to ask you to complete the verses of some favorite Disney songs, which we have rewritten to be about other things. But here's a hint. All the answers will sound vaguely like the original lyrics.

(Singing) A music double agent started at a very young age. A live Disney character was once all the rage. But now her alter ego just twerks on a stage. She's a fake celebrity, trained by Miley. She's - Rachel?

MATZ: (Singing) Hannah Montana.

COULTON: That's right. Hakuna Matata, of course.


COULTON: (Singing) There's a TV show and it's on midday. People on it guess the costs of things in a showcase. Once the host was Bob, but these days it's Drew. It's enough for this couch-surfing warrior to pass the time with you. Can we watch...

SAMUELS: (Singing) The Price...

COULTON: Rachel rung in and Jason sang and...

MATZ: Is that a team effort? Can we get half a point?

EISENBERG: Don't give it away?

COULTON: Well, Rachel, let's see what you do.

MATZ: "The Price is Right."

COULTON: That's right. "The Price is Right."

SAMUELS: I'm just very excited to be here.

COULTON: No, I know. (Singing) Opened restaurant in Ohio. Italian cooking was his game. Started canning his food, oh, me, oh, my-oh, Americanized his last name. Rachel?

MATZ: (Singing) Emeril LaGasse.



COULTON: That's not who we were looking for. Jason, yes.

SAMUELS: (Singing) Chef Boyardee.

COULTON: Yeah, Chef Boyardee. 1

EISENBERG: And what was his real name, by the way?

COULTON: Boyardee. It's Italian. I took Italian in college, so. (Singing) He sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sings for me and you. To sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, is what he likes to do. Born Paul Hewson in Dublin. He sings with The Edge who is his friend, in a band, in a band, in a band, in band.

(Singing) And he does some charity work that's grand. Jason?


COULTON: That's right. You have a lovely singing voice, Jason.

SAMUELS: Thank you.

COULTON: (Singing) Dear alpha centauri stars, who you seem and who you are, when your space twin brother dies, they'll come for you. On a moon, you'll find it's true, now you're ten foot tall and blue, when your in your - Rachel.

MATZ: (Singing) Your Death Star.

COULTON: Death Star, no, no.

EISENBERG: Interesting.

COULTON: Ten feet tall and blue. Ten feet tall and blue. I know. Could be anybody. Jason.

SAMUELS: Avatar. (Singing) Avatar, something.

COULTON: There you go. The great Jiminy Cricket, originally, sang that song. This is your last question. (Singing) In the Caribbean Sea, in the Caribbean Sea, you gotta a mammal that looks real strong, closely related to the Asian (unintelligible) Columbus thought it was a mermaid, but he was wrong. You've gotta - Jason?

SAMUELS: A manatee.

COULTON: A manatee. John Chanesky, what happened in that game?

JOHN CHANESKI: It was close there for a minute, but the keys to the Magic Kingdom go to Jason. Way to go, Jason.

EISENBERG: All right. Thank you so much, Rachel. Jason, well done. You'll be moving on to our final round coming at the end of the show.


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