Knock On Woody Actor Justin Long told us he admires the work of Woody Allen, but we wanted to see just how much he knows about the man born Allen Stewart Konigsberg. In this Ask Me Another Challenge, host Ophira Eisenberg quizzes Long on all things Woody, from the films he's directed to the instrument he plays. (Hint: It's a woodwind.)

Knock On Woody

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Now, let's welcome back our VIP Justin Long. Don't be nervous.

JUSTIN LONG: I am. Too late.

EISENBERG: You're a big fat of Woody Allen films.

LONG: Oh, I'm gonna downplay it now and lower the bar.

EISENBERG: OK, that's fine.

LONG: I'm a - i appreciate his work.

EISENBERG: What do you like about his films?

LONG: I think they're real funny. I love what they say about the human condition and I don't know, there's something about them. They speak to me. I feel like we're kindred spirits. When I watch them, I feel like I'm hanging out with an old friend. Is that weird?

EISENBERG: No, not at all. Have you ever auditioned for Wood Allen?

LONG: No, no. I'd be beside myself.

EISENBERG: I just want to let you to know that if you win this next game, we're going to arrange for him to have a sit down meeting with you and by that I mean, you'll get a Rubix cube that you can play with while watching your favorite Woody Allen movie.

LONG: That's great. I'll take that. All right. Thank you. I'll take that.

EISENBERG: So we wanted to know just how much you know about Woody Allen and his movies so your VIP game is all about the man born Allen Stewart Konigsberg who grew up here, right here in Brooklyn and if you answer enough right, Jodi Tabor of Springfield, Illinois will win an Ask Me Another prize, OK?

LONG: OK, all right, Jodi. I'm sorry, ahead of time.

EISENBERG: Are you ready?

LONG: Yeah.


JONATHAN COULTON: Justin, you made your feature film debut in the 1999 movie "Galaxy Quest."

LONG: Correct.

COULTON: One of your "Galaxy Quest" co-star's first onscreen film appearance was a bit role in "Annie Hall" with no lines. Who was it?

LONG: That was Sigourney Weaver.

COULTON: It sure was.

EISENBERG: All right. What movie is this line from?


WOODY ALLEN: (As Virgil Starkwell) I think that crime definitely pays and that, you know, it's a great job. The hours are good and you're your own boss and you travel a lot and you get to meet interesting people. And I just think it's a good job in general.

LONG: I'm gonna say "Take The Money And Run."

EISENBERG: You got it.

LONG: I'm congratulating myself with this buzzer. I think it's having - it's not what it was intended for.

COULTON: You're using it in a celebratory way, which I think is great.

LONG: Hooray. Hooray for me.

EISENBERG: Hooray for me.

COULTON: Woody Allen will always be associated with New York City, but he's written a few movies set elsewhere. Four films directed by Woody have titles that mention a city outside the United States. Name three of them.

LONG: "Midnight in Paris," there's a Rome one, "To Rome With Love," god, bananas are gonna go through the thing, Manhattan, does that count? That doesn't count. That's in America.

EISENBERG: Manhattan wants to be outside of the United States.

LONG: I was testing you guys to see if you were paying attention.

COULTON: How about one about two girls in Spain?

LONG: Oh, of course, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona."


LONG: Yes. Thanks, helped me out, thanks.

EISENBERG: And the other one was the "Purple Rise...

LONG: "Purple Rose of Cairo," yes, Cairo.

EISENBERG: In what film does Woody play four different characters, Victor, Fabrizio, the fool, and sperm.

LONG: "A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy," which is not right, which is incorrect. Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex, But Were Too Afraid To Ask."


LONG: I got it wrong. I'm not gonna count it.

COULTON: Though he's been nominated for over 20 Academy Awards and won four times, he's never been there to accept the award. One of his excuses has been that he has standing gig at a New York City club playing what musical instrument?

LONG: The clarinet.

COULTON: Yes, that's right.

LONG: I almost said English horn.

EISENBERG: Finally, finish this line.


ALLEN: (As Alvy Singer) There's an old joke, two elderly women are at a Catskill Mountain Resort and one of them says, boy, the food at this place is really terrible. The other one says, yeah, I know...

LONG: But they don't charge - I don't know, the food is really terr - but oh, god in heaven.

COULTON: The food is really terrible. The other one says, yeah, I know, and such...

LONG: Such - oh, god, this is gonna kill me. Low - small portion size.


LONG: Oh, god. Oh, it's embarrassing. It's embarrassing.

EISENBERG: It's not embarrassing when you get it right at the end.

LONG: It is. Thank you for helping out on that one.

EISENBERG: It's not embarrassing. That's it, Justin, you did it.

LONG: Yes.

EISENBERG: Yeah, Jodi from Springfield Jodi of Springfield, Illinois is going to get a special ASK ME ANOTHER Rubix cube. So will you, a matter of fact.

LONG: Oh, cool.

EISENBERG: Yeah. One more round of applause for VIP Justin Long.

LONG: Thank you guys, thank you.

COULTON: (Singing) You must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh. The fundamental things apply as time goes by. When two lovers move, they still say, I love you, on that you can rely. No matter what the future brings as time goes by. Moonlight and love songs never out of date, hearts full of passion, jealousy and hate. Woman needs man and man must have his mate. That, no one can deny.

(Singing) It's still the same old story, fight for love and glory, a case of do or die. The world will always welcome lovers as time goes by. As time goes by.

EISENBERG: Jonathan Coulton.

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