A Navy Man's Argument That Cutting Pensions Might Be Good Bryan McGrath spent 21 years in the United States Navy before retiring. He now works as a defense contractor, and he believes that it's not necessarily a bad thing that military pensions are changing. NPR's Rachel Martin reports.
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A Navy Man's Argument That Cutting Pensions Might Be Good

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A Navy Man's Argument That Cutting Pensions Might Be Good

BRYAN MCGRATH: The military retirement system we have right now is tied to a late 19th century garrison army and it doesn't address modern concerns. I think they need to be reformed in a way that makes more sense to the times.


That is Bryan McGrath. He spent 21 years in the U.S. Navy and retired from the service as a commander when he was just 43. Though he pulls in a military pension now, McGrath supports making changes to military retirement benefits.

MCGRATH: I believe that someone in their prime earning years can and should be earning money elsewhere to supplement what they get from their military retirement.

MARTIN: McGrath would like some exceptions made for those who were wounded while serving their country. But he says that for most service members

MCGRATH: I think giving up 1 percent for your working years is acceptable, if our legislative leaders recognize that, OK, these people gave. It's time to start making common sense reforms elsewhere.

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