McDonald's Shuts Down Employee Website The restaurant chain pulled the plug on the website after what it said was "unwarranted scrutiny and inappropriate commentary."
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McDonald's Shuts Down Employee Website

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McDonald's Shuts Down Employee Website


Today's last word in business is supersized scrutiny.

That's what McDonald's employee resources website, McResources, has come under. And now there's word that the fast-food chain has closed the site. It had come under fire for being out of touch. There were articles about how to tip an au pair or a pool cleaner.

That's a tall order for McDonald's employees. Many of them make the minimum wage. The last straw was likely a recent post about healthy eating. A burger and fries was labeled an unhealthy choice.

And that's the business news from MORNING EDITION, on NPR News. I'm Don Gonyea.

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