The Bridge On The River Hudson The George Washington Bridge has been at the heart of the controversy surrounding Chris Christie recently. But the bridge is more than just a political prop; it's an icon. We learn a few facts about this famous span over the Hudson River.
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The Bridge On The River Hudson

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The Bridge On The River Hudson


We can't let this story go today without one more minute on the key player in this scandal, the George Washington Bridge. According to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, it's the world's busiest motor vehicle bridge. Last year, 102 million vehicles crossed it.


The suspension bridge spans the Hudson River, and it opened in October 1931. It has exposed supporting steel towers. They were meant to be encased in concrete and granite but the Great Depression got in the way.

CORNISH: It's a model of efficiency, not of romance or of any great legend. Case in point, this anecdote from the recent movie "Inside Llewyn Davis."


SIEGEL: The bridge does have at least one claim to fame. It's the subject of a song creatively titled "George Washington Bridge," and those are the lyrics, too, all of them. Here's a rendition by Bert and Ernie.


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