Daft Punk, Lorde And Macklemore Win Major Grammy Awards : The Record Daft Punk picked up trophies for album and record of the year, Lorde won two awards for "Royals," and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took home four, including Best New Artist.

Daft Punk, Lorde And Macklemore Win Major Grammy Awards

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We now know the winners of the 56th annual Grammy Awards.


And also what the winners wore.

INSKEEP: Members of the Recording Academy who vote on the Grammys spread the love.

MONTAGNE: Several acts split the top awards including the French dance music duo Daft Punk.

INSKEEP: And 17-year old New Zealander, Lorde.

MONTAGNE: Along with Seattle hip hop duo, Macklemore together with Ryan Lewis.

INSKEEP: Newcomer Kacey Musgraves took home the two top country Grammys.

MONTAGNE: The Grammy broadcast lasted three hours and 45 minutes, enough time for viewers to send out countless snarky tweets about what they saw - but only enough time to hand out 10 awards.

INSKEEP: Because most awards were handed out before the telecast. NPR's Mandalit del Barco was backstage and reports on the winners you didn't see.

MANDALIT DEL BARCO, BYLINE: For artists who are not household names with multimillion dollar record deals, getting a Grammy Award is a really big deal. It was for gospel singer Tye Tribbet.


BARCO: For some, it was redemption for toiling for years in obscurity. Onstage, award-winning jazz critic Neil Tesser reminded people why album notes are important.

NEIL TESSER: For anybody who's over the age of 35, liner notes have been so important. They've provided insight and commentary and biography.


BARCO: For jazz artist Maria Schneider, whose collaboration with classical soprano Dawn Upshaw won four Grammies, it was a platform to scold those who don't pay for music.

MARIA SCHNEIDER: Most of us who are coming through here, that you've seen this afternoon, we're funding our own records.

BARCO: Backstage, Schneider said it was her Fans, not record companies, who helped pay for her album online.

Canadian Jennifer Gasoi won Best Children's Album for "Throw a penny in the Wishing well."

JENNIFER GASOI: I think it's going to elevate my career. I think it's going to give me opportunities that I've been hoping for.

BARCO: During the pre-telecast show, homegrown Los Angeles band La Santa Cecilia took the stage to perform.

LA SANTA CECILIA: (Singing in Spanish)

BARCO: The band won for best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album. Backstage, lead singer Marisol Hernandez dedicated their award to 11 million undocumented immigrants living in this country.

MARISOL HERNANDEZ: To all the people that are working behind the scenes, you know, in this country, all the gardeners and domestic workers - which are people like my mother - all the people that are working hard and that are living in the shadows.

BARCO: Hernandez says its independent musicians like herself who can provide a voice for the people you don't see on TV.

Mandalit del Barco, NPR News.

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