Desperate Times Call For Measures You Can Dance To We're so close to spring, we can nearly smell the flowers on the breeze — but we're by no means there yet. Dance out the wait with our Cabin Fever Playlist, 90 songs suggested by listeners and curated by producers at All Things Considered.

Desperate Times Call For Measures You Can Dance To

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A musical moment now, and the opportunity for us to put this question before our listeners in the Midwest, the mid-Atlantic, the South and of course, New England.


Show of hands: Who's sick of this winter?


LOS LONELY BOYS: (Singing) Save me from this prison. Lord help me get away...

CORNISH: Sick of the snow.

SIEGEL: Sick of the shoveling.

CORNISH: Sick of the school cancellations.

SIEGEL: Sick of the weather map all blue, purple and white.

CORNISH: Sick of buying more milk, bread and toilet paper.

SIEGEL: Sick of being stuck at home.


LOS LONELY BOYS: (Singing) I've been lost in my own place, and I'm getting weary. How far is heaven?

SIEGEL: Well for all of you who are just sick of this winter's misery - and that applies to some of you out West with your own extreme weather - we have a musical remedy.

CORNISH: You can dance until you feel better with our Cabin Fever Playlist.


DEEE-LITE: (Singing) Groove is in the heart. Groove is in the heart. Groove is in the heart. Astronomical. Groove is in the heart...

CORNISH: Spring is just 30 days away, people. And our playlist can keep you moving until that first blade of grass pops up.


DEEE-LITE: (Singing) Watch out. The depth of a hula groove moves us to the dance hoop. We're going through too, Horton hears a who hoo...

SIEGEL: We have no idea what she just said; we're sending out for translation. But that dance hit from 1990 - "Groove is in the Heart," by Deee-Lite - is evidently a song of choice for many for many of you looking to beat back the winter blues when you're stuck inside.

CORNISH: Stuck inside and making the best of it? You know, Robert, I think Elvis had a clue.


ELVIS PRESLEY: (Singing) ) Warden threw a party in the county jail. The prison band was there, they began to wail. The band was jumping, and the joint began to swing. You should've heard those knocked out jailbirds sing. Let's rock. Everybody, let's rock...

CORNISH: Kathy Lear of Great Falls, Mont., put "Jailhouse Rock" on our Cabin Fever Playlist with this story. She says the song takes her back to a California freeway several years ago, when she was butt dancing as she drove.

SIEGEL: I'm told that's dancing while wearing your seatbelt, moving only from the hips up. Something no doubt Elvis could do.

CORNISH: All right. Well, back to Kathy Lear's dancing-in-the-car story. She tells us: I received a pantomime marriage proposal from a gentleman driving another car in the lane next to me. I was already married, so I had to decline his offer.


PRESLEY: (Singing) Everybody, let's rock...

CORNISH: Although it was the first and only proposal I received while butt dancing to a favorite tune. This is an activity I highly recommend for quickly lifting your mood.


PRESLEY: (Singing) No. 47 said to No. 3, you the cutest jailbird I ever did see. I sure would be delighted with your company, come on and do the jailhouse rock with me. Let's rock, everybody let's rock...

SIEGEL: Our Cabin Fever playlist, curated from your many suggestions, is now 90-songs strong. You can find it, and nominate your own bad-winter-mood breaker, at


CORNISH: This is NPR News.

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