Hankering For A Hot Dog? Try The 66-Pound Hot Dog Sundae After making a 100-pound burger, Epic Meal Time, a Canadian YouTube show, moved on to encased meats. It created the hefty sundae to honor the Inland Empire 66ers, a minor league baseball team.

Hankering For A Hot Dog? Try The 66-Pound Hot Dog Sundae

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Good morning. I'm Don Gonyea. San Bernardino, California is home to the Inland Empire 66ers - a minor-league ball team named after the historic Route 66. Now it's also home of the 66 pound hotdog sundae with 66 ingredients - bacon, chili, beluga caviar and doughnuts. But you can't get this dog at the ballpark. I'll settle for the dog, the bun and a simple slathering of yellow mustard. Keep the change, sir. It's MORNING EDITION.

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