Heavy Rotation: 10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing Curious what 10 of our favorite public radio hosts had playing on repeat this month? Hear new music from Other Lives, The Fireworks, Hiatus Kaiyote and more. Also: what NOT to do on Twitter.

Heavy Rotation: 10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing

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Now here are some sounds that linger in the mind. It's a song called "Reconfiguration." Appropriately enough, it's by a band that's still evolving. And it's our latest pick for Heavy Rotation - songs chosen by our colleagues at public radio music stations. Jerad Walker of OPB Music in Portland, Ore., has been tracking a local band called Other Lives.

JERAD WALKER: They relocated to Portland to make a concerted effort to change their sound.


OTHER LIVES: (Singing) I won't fear my rivals. I leave them in the silence. I live in the present, moment to moment, moment to moment...

WALKER: Portland is surrounded by forest. Doug fir trees are synonymous with the topography around here. Maybe the closed-in nature of the forest has sort of soaked into their sound a bit.


OTHER LIVES: (Singing) Fears I can't know myself, turn off and on and smile...

WALKER: I think subconsciously the planes and the landscape of Oklahoma had heavily influenced the band. It's been replaced by arrangements that are more compact. They're moodier and sometimes brooding.


OTHER LIVES: (Singing) Everything is turning out like it wants to. Feels like I've been here before...

WALKER: And it's not so much a wholesale change as it is an evolution. They still sound like Other Lives. But a lot of the folk influences, those have been replaced by this sound.


OTHER LIVES: (Singing) I leave them in the silence...

INSKEEP: Jerad Walker, music director of OPB Music in Portland, with the song "Reconfiguration" by Other Lives. You can hear more Heavy Rotation picks at nprmusic.org. Moody, brooding music - I can relate to that. It's MORNING EDITION from NPR News. I'm Steve Inskeep.


And I'm David Greene.


OTHER LIVES: (Singing) Moment to moment...

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