'I'm So Proud To Have You As A Daughter' An immigrant from Haiti talks with his high-IQ daughter about his love for her, and why he works so hard to provide for her education.

'I'm So Proud To Have You As A Daughter'

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And it's time for StoryCorps. Heading into Father's Day weekend, we're going to hear from a Haitian immigrant and his daughter this morning. Mario Loiseau works two jobs including long hours as a parking lot attendant to help pay for tutoring for his daughter Mabou. She is a science and language prodigy and at 9 years old, is studying college-level algebra.

MABOU LOISEAU: So Daddy, how did you feel when I was born?

MARIO LOISEAU: It was like a dream come true. I wanted a child forever. And you were my first and only born, you know. So when I went to the nursery to see you, you were sleeping. And then you opened eyes and look at me. Everybody was amazed; even the doctor said you see the connection she make with you?

MABOU: Maybe that's why I love you so much.

LOISEAU: (Laughter).

MABOU: But I've heard that you cried a lot.

LOISEAU: Yes, I did - tears of joy. I was so happy to have you.

MABOU: Screaming?

LOISEAU: Screaming, crying - it's like sunshine comes into our house. It's so nice to be with you. You always come up with some new questions.

MABOU: That's when I'm annoying you, right?

LOISEAU: Well, not annoying me. See, it's like you're challenging me.

MABOU: But, Dad, why do you leave so much instead of staying here with me? That's what's more important.

LOISEAU: Mabou, I have to go to work. Daddy works two jobs. So you're going to have to go to my boss and ask him to give me days off (laughter).

MABOU: I will.

LOISEAU: OK, I know you will. You know, I cannot be home all the time, but if I have enough time, I will do 4, 5, 1,000 jobs for your education. It's a joy to do that knowing that I'm doing that for you because I'm so proud to have you as a daughter.

INSKEEP: Mario and Mabou Loiseau at StoryCorps in New York City.

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