Struck By Lighting As A Kid, A Lottery Winner As An Adult As a youth, Canadian Peter McCathie had the extreme bad luck of being hit by lightening. As an adult, he had the extreme good fortune of winning a million dollars in a lottery.

Struck By Lighting As A Kid, A Lottery Winner As An Adult

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Good morning, I'm David Greene. Seems like Lady Luck has a sense of humor. The odds of being struck by lightning or winning the lottery are very slim, the likelihood that both happen are about 1 in 2.6 trillion. Peter McCathie is that one. The Canadian man survived a lightning strike when he was a kid. And now, after buying lottery tickets for about a year, McCathie has struck it big - he won a million dollars. He is not gambling with the winnings. He's taking his wife on a second honeymoon. Odds are you're listening to MORNING EDITION.

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