On The Double We double dare you to try your hand at this final round-- every answer contains the word "double."

On The Double

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Now we're going to crown this week's grand champion, so let's bring back Patrick, Chelsea, Jon and Julia to play our Ask Me One More Final Round.


EISENBERG: Our puzzle guru, Art Chung, will lead this final round called On the Double.

ART CHUNG, BYLINE: Ophira, in this final round, every correct answer will be a word or phrase containing the word double. So if I said, this type of actor frequently appears in film, nude, in the place of more famous actors, you would answer, body double. We're playing this spelling bee style, so one wrong answer and you're out. You'll only have a few seconds to give me that answer and the last person standing is our our ASK ME ANOTHER grand winner. For your prize, you'll receive a fabulous set of prayer candles featuring all the inmates from "Orange Is The New Black."


CHUNG: And Uzo will record, for you, a very special outgoing message for your voicemail, so, great prize.


CHUNG: Remember, every answer will contain the word double in it. Here we go. Patrick, double your pleasure, double your fun is the famous slogan of what brand of Wrigley gum?


CHUNG: That's right.


CHUNG: Chelsea, it's the kind of suggestive joke found in the line, is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

CHELSEA SCHULER: Double entendre.

CHUNG: Correct.


CHUNG: Jon, people commonly use this term to describe the fact that men can go topless in public but women can't.

JON SCHWARTZ: Double standard.

CHUNG: That is a double standard. You got it.


CHUNG: Editorializing a little bit.


CHUNG: Julia, often used to melt chocolate, it's a piece of kitchenware that's really two pots in one.

JULIA ROWNY: Double boiler.

CHUNG: Double boiler.


CHUNG: Patrick, he's a Civil War hero who people have said invented baseball in 1839, but he probably didn't.

ANDREWS: Alexander Doubleday.

CHUNG: It's not Alexander Doubleday. I wasn't looking for the first name.

ANDREWS: Doubleday, then.


CHUNG: We'll give that to you. It's Abner Doubleday.



CHUNG: Chelsea, it's one of the band Foreigner's biggest hits. I'm going to have to...

SCHULER: "Double Vision?"

CHUNG: Wow, yeah, you pulled it out.


CHUNG: Jon, it's a type of experiment where neither the participants nor the researchers know which group is the control.

SCHWARTZ: Double blind.



CHUNG: Julia, it's an Oliver Stone film about a president. Three seconds.

ROWNY: Double bubble.

CHUNG: Double bubble is not correct. Patrick, do you know the answer?

ANDREWS: "Double Jeopardy."

CHUNG: "Double Jeopardy" is not that film, sorry. We go to Chelsea.


CHUNG: "W." is correct. Sorry, we have to say goodbye to Julia and Patrick.


CHUNG: A bit of a trick question there. Here we go. Jon, in 2010, KFC introduced this sandwich that uses two fried chicken fillets as the bun.

SCHWARTZ: Double down.

CHUNG: You knew that pretty quickly, that's right.



CHUNG: Chelsea, this 1980 album by John Lennon and Yoko Ono was released just three weeks before his death.

SCHULER: Don't know.

CHUNG: Shaking your head, no. Jon, if you know the answer, you're our grand prize winner.

SCHWARTZ: "Double Fantasy."

CHUNG: That's right.


EISENBERG: Congratulations.

SCHWARTZ: Thank you.

EISENBERG: You win these amazing "Orange Is The New Black" prayer candles, which I'm sure will be a hit with all of your friends at the New York Yankees.


SCHWARTZ: I'm keeping all of them. There's no way I'm sharing.

EISENBERG: Absolutely and, also, Uzo Aduba has agreed to leave a outgoing message for you on your phone. Uzo, Jon. Jon, Uzo.


UZO ADUBA: Hi, this is Uzo Aduba from "Orange Is The New Black." I'm sure you think you came here to call Jon, but here I am. If you could just leave a voicemail message for him, he'd be happy to get back to you. Make sure you leave a name, number, time that you called, what your concern is, and he'll get back to you at his available time. If you don't leave a voicemail and all of those details, well, then I'll have to get really Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren on you and I will cut you!


ADUBA: Thank you for calling.


EISENBERG: That was incredible. And that's our show. Thanks for playing. Check out our podcast on iTunes or Stitcher and you can find us on Facebook or Twitter, @npraskmeanother. And come see us live or apply to be a contestant. Just go to amatickets.org. ASK ME ANOTHER's puzzle guru is Art Chung.

CHUNG: Hey, my name anagrams to narc thug.

EISENBERG: Our house musician is Jonathan Coulton.

CHUNG: Thou jolt a cannon.

EISENBERG: Additional puzzle writing by Greg Lightman, Greg Pliska, Greg Volk and senior writer, Karen Laurie. ASK ME ANOTHER is produced by Denny Shin, Lina Misitzis (ph), Mike Katzif, Anabel Bacon. along with Anya Grundmann. We are recorded by Damien Whitmore (ph) and Rico Acave (ph). Our executive producer is Jesse Baker. ASK ME ANOTHER was created by Eric Newsom. We'd like to thank our home in Brooklyn, N.Y., The Bell House.

CHUNG: Hot heel blues.

EISENBERG: And our production partner, WNYC. I'm her ripe begonias...

CHUNG: Ophira Eisenberg.



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