House Where Springsteen Penned 'Born To Run' For Sale Want to sleep like "the Boss?" Well, you can own Bruce Springsteen's former house in Long Branch, N.J., for $299,000. At that price, you might experience some "Glory Days."

House Where Springsteen Penned 'Born To Run' For Sale

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Good morning, I'm Steve Inskeep. You can own a piece of Bruce Springsteen. Well, his former house is for sale, the home where he lived when writing "Born To Run" in the '70s.


BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: (Singing) Out on the streets of a runaway American dream...

INSKEEP: Of course he was out on the streets. The house in Long Branch, N.J. is tiny. The asking price of $299,000 today is very low for the East Coast. It's a bit lower than the Beverly Hills mansion he recently sold for 60 million. It's MORNING EDITION.

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