Shooter Attacks At Or Near Planned Parenthood Clinic In Colorado Springs At least four officers, and an unknown number of civilians, were injured in a shooting at or near a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, police say.

Shooter Attacks At Or Near Planned Parenthood Clinic In Colorado Springs

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At this hour, police in Colorado Springs, Colo., are dealing with what is being called an active shooter situation at or near a Planned Parenthood office. Police have confirmed that three officers have been injured. And a short while ago, police spokeswoman Lt. Catherine Buckley told reporters they are still looking for the shooter.


CATHERINE BUCKLEY: We're still trying to confirm where the shooter is actually at at this point. That's why this is still very much an active situation.

SHAPIRO: For more, we are joined now by Colorado Public Radio's Megan Verlee. Hi, Megan.


SHAPIRO: I know there are not a lot of details yet, and they are still coming out. What can you tell us about what's unfolding this afternoon?

VERLEE: Well, unfolding is the word for it. Apparently, police on scene have entered the Planned Parenthood building and may be under fire at that location. There's a press conference actually with Colorado Springs police going on right now. What we know at this point is that at least four officers have been injured and several civilians have been injured, although we don't know how seriously or how many.

SHAPIRO: So clearly the numbers are in flux. Information is still coming out. There were early reports of a hostage situation. Can you tell us anything about that?

VERLEE: It appears to be the case that the gunman went into this Planned Parenthood clinic while it was open and active, and so people have been trapped in there. It's - at this point - unclear if or how many people are still inside that building.

SHAPIRO: People at a shopping center next-door have been told to shelter in place from what I understand. What can you tell us about where this is all unfolding?

VERLEE: Well, this is a pretty busy part of Colorado Springs, north of the downtown. And the clinic is part of this larger shopping area as you've said with a grocery store, restaurants, hair and nail salons. And, yes, when this started, police started warning the businesses to lock their doors, to get in the back and, you know, this has been going on for more than two hours now that people have been sort of trapped in place all through that area.

SHAPIRO: As we mentioned, this is at or near a Planned Parenthood. Can you tell us anything about the location, whether we even know if Planned Parenthood was the target?

VERLEE: Well, of course, police aren't confirming anything yet. We don't have an identity for the shooter. We don't have a motive, but Planned Parenthood has sent out a statement saying that they're, you know, concerned for their staff and patients in that building. They certainly seem to believe that this is taking place at their facility. I have not been to that clinic. According to its webpage it offers a variety of services, including abortion services. And I know Planned Parenthood offices in the Denver area have quite a lot of security. I would've - I would assume that that building had some form of security as well.

SHAPIRO: And, Megan, this is tragically not the first mass shooting Colorado Springs has seen recently.

VERLEE: No, on Halloween day there was a resident in Colorado Springs who came out of his house with a long gun and began shooting people along his street - killed a cyclist and some women before being taken by police. So yeah, this is two mass shootings - apparently mass shootings - obviously today we really still don't quite know what's - what all is going on in the span of a month.

SHAPIRO: That's Megan Verlee of Colorado Public Radio, and we will bring you more on the story as it unfolds. Thanks, Megan for your help. We'll check back in with you.

VERLEE: Thank you, Ari.

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