Thousands Of Icelanders Flock To A New Faith Icelanders are flocking to a recently founded religion which is promising them a rebate on their religious taxes.

Thousands Of Icelanders Flock To A New Faith

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Religion in the news this Sunday morning. In Iceland, there has been a rush of people registering for a new faith according to the Iceland Monitor website. The relatively recent religion is called Zuism, and it's based on ancient Sumerian theology. But the beliefs of aspiring members appear to be something less than spiritual. Apparently, the main aim of the group is to change an Icelandic law that provides state funding for religious organizations by taxing citizens. A spokesperson for the group told the BBC that about 3,000 Icelanders have signed up so far. And Zuism is promising rebates. The church says it will return any cash it receives from the government back to its members and disband once it achieves its objectives.

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