Jimmy Carter Says He's Cancer-Free Former President Jimmy Carter told his congregation on Sunday that his cancer is gone, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Jimmy Carter Says He's Cancer-Free

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All right, quite a moment yesterday at the Maranatha Baptist Church in Georgia. Former President Jimmy Carter shared some good news about his health. He said after months of treatment, his cancer is gone.


JIMMY CARTER: When I went this week, they didn't find any cancer at all. So I have good news.


GREENE: That was the 91-year-old Carter sharing the news just before teaching his Sunday school class. That class has grown in size to over 300 people a week since the teacher announced he'd been diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma on his brain in August. Carter said in November that he was responding well to treatment. The former president has stayed pretty active at church and also volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. Carter does plan to continue treatment to boost his immune system.

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