An Icy Chill From The Past Threatens A Steady Flame In '45 Years' NPR film critic Bob Mondello reviews the harrowing film 45 Years in which a happy decades-long marriage is upended by an unexpected revelation.
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An Icy Chill From The Past Threatens A Steady Flame In '45 Years'

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An Icy Chill From The Past Threatens A Steady Flame In '45 Years'


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An Icy Chill From The Past Threatens A Steady Flame In '45 Years'

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A short story about a long marriage was source material for the new film "45 Years." It stars Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay. They are a happily married couple unsettled late in life by an unexpected revelation. Critic Bob Mondello says the film itself is a revelation.

BOB MONDELLO, BYLINE: Kate and Geoff Mercer are living out their twilight years in Norfolk, one of the flattest spots in England - nary a bump in the landscape and from the couple's ease, it seems their marriage is also smooth. Kate's planning a 45th anniversary party and wonders, as she brings in the mail, whether "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" is the right song to play.


CHARLOTTE RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) What do you think of that Platters song?

TOM COURTENAY: (As Geoff Mercer) What for?

RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) First dance? Or do you think it's a bit (unintelligible) to have the same song that we had at our wedding?

COURTENAY: (As Geoff Mercer) No, lovely song. I've always liked it.

MONDELLO: He opens the envelope she's just handed him, and his brow creases.


RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) What is it?

COURTENAY: (As Geoff Mercer) A letter.

RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) Yes, I know but who from? It's in German.

COURTENAY: (As Geoff Mercer) Yeah.

RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) What's it say?

COURTENAY: (As Geoff Mercer) Well, I can't remember the verbs as well as the nouns. But I think it says they found her.

RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) Found who?

COURTENAY: (As Geoff Mercer) Her body, anyway.

RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) God, who? Geoff?

COURTENAY: (As Geoff Mercer) They found Katia (ph).

RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) Oh.

MONDELLO: In a melting glacier in the Alps, Swiss authorities have spotted the perfectly preserved body of a young woman. They suspect it's the girlfriend Geoff was hiking with 50 years ago when she fell into a crevasse. They want him to identify the body because he's listed as her next of kin. Kate is thunderstruck.


COURTENAY: (As Geoff Mercer) I'm sure I told you this before, Kate.

RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) Well, I think I would remember my husband being another woman's next of kin. Why?

COURTENAY: (As Geoff Mercer) Why what?

RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) Well, why were you her next of kin?

COURTENAY: (As Geoff Mercer) Because they thought we were married.

RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) What made them think that?

COURTENAY: (As Geoff Mercer) We told them we were.

RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) You weren't though?

COURTENAY: (As Geoff Mercer) Oh, no, no, no, no. Hell no. We just had to pretend so that people would let us stay in their houses - different in those days, Kate. And then after the accident...

RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) You could have just told me, Geoff.

COURTENAY: (As Geoff Mercer) It's hardly the sort of thing you tell your beautiful new girlfriend, is it?

RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) I suppose not. I've got lots to do tomorrow.

COURTENAY: (As Geoff Mercer) Are you sure you're all right?

RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) Yes, I mean, I can hardly be cross with something that happened before we existed, can I?

COURTENAY: (As Geoff Mercer) Sorry, honey.

RAMPLING: (As Kate Mercer) Still.

MONDELLO: And in that single syllable, still, lie the seeds of marital catastrophe. Writer-director Andrew Haigh is examining a marriage disrupted by what hasn't been said, what won't be said. So it's in Tom Courtenay's halting stammer that you hear Geoff struggling to give his wife reassurance he's not sure he feels himself and in Charlotte Rampling's eyes that you see Kate's dawning realization of what she, as a beautiful, devoted wife at 70, is up against - not just memories of a woman with whom she very nearly shares a name - Katia, Kate - but that woman's youth kept on ice for five decades. Kate thinks back on 45 years of marriage, suddenly second-guessing every choice she and Geoff have made. That song for their anniversary party with lyrics about tears I cannot hide - what were they thinking? Still, they push through to the party. Geoff does his damnedest. Kate holds on for dear life. And the director holds, too, on a sustained shot of the teamwork that's gotten these two through 45 years and that may also mark the moment when a lovely flame dies. I'm Bob Mondello.

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