A Moment With Charlie Belle, Teen Siblings And A Band To Watch Jendayi Bonds and her brother Gyasi are both still in high school, but their music got critics talking in 2015.

A Moment With Charlie Belle, Teen Siblings And A Band To Watch

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This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I'm Carrie Kahn.


CHARLIE BELLE: (Singing) Falling for you seems like it was less like I just fell...

KAHN: Critics expect big things from the band Charlie Belle. They released two EPs this year and were tagged by many as a duo to watch. Yet, the two band members aren't even out of high school. Jendayi Bonds is a senior and her younger brother, Gyasi, is a freshman. She writes the songs, sings and plays the guitar. He plays the drums.


CHARLIE BELLE: (Singing) Much as I try to shake you off. I don't get why you haven't thought...

KAHN: Jendayi started at 7 and Gyasi was 4. The brother and sister spend a lot of time together on and off the stage, and like all siblings, they bicker.

GYASI BONDS: We always argue outside of band practice and outside performing, but then as soon as, like, it gets to practice or having a show...

JENDAYI BONDS: I would say more like having a show (laughter).

GYASI: Yeah.

BONDS: Less practice - we still fight during practice.

GYASI: I mean, not that much anymore though.

BONDS: Not as much.

KAHN: But Jendayi and Gyasi find that playing music together deepens their appreciation of each other.

GYASI: I think it was in seventh grade we had to pick a song and, like, get the lyrics from the song and really, like, annotate the lyrics. And I chose one of my sister's songs and really reading the stuff that she says, it's, like, beautiful.


CHARLIE BELLE: (Singing) Finally I think I'm fine with being who it is that I'll become.

BONDS: Yeah, I feel like when Gyasi and I get together and he's playing music, I really see his maturity. And a lot of the time it's hard for me to see that (laugher). He's really goofy guy. But when he sits down behind the drums, like, he plays like someone twice his age. And we really fall into sync.


CHARLIE BELLE: (Singing) I'll wait to find you. I'll wait to find you.

KAHN: Next year, Jendayi will be heading off to college, but she and her brother want to find a way to keep making music together.

GYASI: I've told my sister that if anything goes wrong I'm just going to live with her in her dorm.

BONDS: And then I said no, that's - it's OK.

GYASI: Yeah, she's not committed to the idea.

BONDS: We'll just figure it out. I know we can do it.


CHARLIE BELLE: (Singing) I don't know what to do. Should I leave or wait for you? If I go right now my fear of being lonely could come true.

KAHN: That's Jendayi and Gyasi Bonds of the band Charlie Belle. Their latest EP is called "I Don't Want To Be Alone."


CHARLIE BELLE: (Singing) And every one tells me that you got different means. I guess I'm just hoping for luck, for luck.

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