Wis. Mayor Tries To Create New Holiday Tradition Green Bay kicked off the New Year by parading a llama downtown. The mayor told WBAY-TV that legend says the llama would bring good luck. He confessed later to making up up the legend.

Wis. Mayor Tries To Create New Holiday Tradition

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Good morning. I'm Steve Inskeep. Green Bay, Wis., kicked off the new year by parading a llama downtown. Why a llama? - you ask. Well. Mayor Jim Schmitt explained to TV station WBAY.


JIM SCHMITT: Legend has it that if you view this llama on New Year's Eve, good things will come your way the following year.

INSKEEP: Having said that, Mayor Schmitt confessed it's all made up. He just wants to start a new tradition, and he prefers the llama to Green Bay's other option, a giant illuminated cheesehead.


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