Sounds Like A Good Book Lord of the Flies becomes Ruler of the Winged Insects in this final round where every correct answer is one of Modern Library's Top 100 English Language Novels of All Time.

Sounds Like A Good Book

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Now we're going to crown this week's big winner. Let's bring back Drew, Kristy, Sergei, Jason and David to play our Ask Me One More final round.


SALIE: All right, Art, take it away.

ART CHUNG, BYLINE: In this final round, every correct answer will be one of Modern Library's Top 100 English-language novels of all time, as voted on by both librarians and the public. As a clue, we'll give you a phrase that's synonymous or nearly synonymous with the title. So, for example, if we said a goodbye to guns, grenades and missiles, that would be "A Farewell To Arms." We're playing this spelling bee-style, so one wrong answer and you're out. You'll only have a few seconds to give me that answer. The last person standing is our ASK ME ANOTHER grand winner. For your prize, you'll receive a bag of great IFC swag, some leftover broccolini that David Cross and Amber Tamblyn had down the street...


CHUNG: ...And as a nod to "Arrested Development," a pair of cutoff jean shorts autographed by David...


CHUNG: ...Suitable for you or the never-nude person in your life. And they may have been worn by me in the shower.


CHUNG: Here we go. Drew, transparent guy.

DREW BUXBAUM: "The Invisible Man."

CHUNG: That is correct.


CHUNG: Kristy, the noise and the anger.

KRISTY SVEC: "The Sound And The Fury."

CHUNG: You got it.


CHUNG: Sergei, ruler of the winged insects.

SERGEI TSIMBEROV: "Lord Of The Flies."

CHUNG: That is correct.


CHUNG: Jason, a book of maps slightly lifted its shoulders.


CHUNG: I'm going to have to give you three seconds. Jason, I'm sorry, step aside. David Cross.

DAVID CROSS: "Atlas Shrugged."

CHUNG: That is correct. Thank you, Jason.


CHUNG: Jason is out. We're back to Drew - courageous modern Earth.

BUXBAUM: "A Brave New World."

CHUNG: That is right.


CHUNG: Kristy, the nude and the deceased.

SVEC: "The Naked And The Dead."

CHUNG: That's right.


CHUNG: Sergei, a space enclosed by four walls with a landscape.

TSIMBEROV: "A Room With A View."

CHUNG: Right.


CHUNG: David, the year that Los Angeles last hosted the Summer Olympics.

CROSS: "1984."

CHUNG: You got it.


CHUNG: Drew, indigenous male child.

BUXBAUM: "Native Son."

CHUNG: Wow, yeah, that's right.


CHUNG: Kristy, 12 a.m.'s kids.

SVEC: "Midnight's Children."

CHUNG: That's right.


CHUNG: Sergei, the zinfandels of acrimony.

TSIMBEROV: "Grapes Of Wrath."

CHUNG: Wow, you got it.


CROSS: He's really good. He's really good.

CHUNG: David, the circulatory muscles is a solitary pursuer.


CROSS: "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter."



CHUNG: Drew, a pathway to the country where Mumbai is located - three seconds.

BUXBAUM: The way to India.

CHUNG: No, I'm sorry. I can't accept that. Let's see if Kristy knows.

SVEC: The road to India.

CHUNG: No, I'm sorry, that's not it either. Sergei.

TSIMBEROV: Journey to India.

CHUNG: No. David Cross, if you know the answer...

CROSS: Wait, can you repeat it?

CHUNG: Sure.


CHUNG: A pathway to the country where Mumbai is located.

CROSS: Oh, man - "A Passage To India."

CHUNG: You got it.


CHUNG: David Cross, you're our big winner.

CROSS: I decline. I decline the gifts. It's not fair. It's simply not fair.


David Cross, everybody.


COULTON: That's our show. Thank you so much for playing, everybody. Check out our podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. You can find us on Facebook or Twitter - @NPRAskMeAnother. And come see us live. Go to Our guest host is Faith Salie.


SALIE: My name anagrams to hail fiesta.

COULTON: Our puzzle guru is Art Chung.

SALIE: Narc thug.

COULTON: Additional puzzle writing by Mark Halpin, Glenn McDonald, Adam Markowitz, Scott Ross and senior writers Kyle Beekley and Karen Laurie. ASK ME ANOTHER is produced by Denny Shin, Lina Misitzis, Mike Katzif, Travis Larchuck and our intern, Julia Melfi.

SALIE: I'm jail fuel.

COULTON: Along with Anya Grundmann. We are recorded by Damon Whittemore, Noricko Okabe and Jeff O'Neill. ASK ME ANOTHER was created by Eric Nuzum and Jesse Baker. We'd like to thank our home in Brooklyn, N.Y., The Bell House...


SALIE: Hot heel blues.

COULTON: ...And our production partner, WNYC. I'm thou jolt a cannon.

SALIE: Jonathan Coulton.

COULTON: And this was ASK ME ANOTHER from NPR.


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