Effect of Online Poker's Popularity on 'Real' Gambling Alex Chadwick talks with Los Angeles writer Kevin Arnovitz about the growing popularity of online poker, and how it's begun to affect the wider world of gaming.

Effect of Online Poker's Popularity on 'Real' Gambling

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This is DAY TO DAY from NPR News. I'm Alex Chadwick.

Writer Kevin Arnovitz is back with us. He is a writer in television and film and a contributor to DAY TO DAY, and with us today on the subject of online poker, which turns out to be a very big deal.

I've been reading about it and hearing about it, but I don't know the figures and you do, Kevin.


We're talking about $187 million wagered in the last 24 hours alone. That's hundreds of millions of dollars changing hands every single week.

CHADWICK: A billion dollars a week? So this is really a lot of money going into online gambling.

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