In A Corner Of Southern California, Cauldrons Of Muddy Water Bubble "The World According to Sound" podcast brings us to Southern California near the Salton Sea where unique geothermal conditions allow for "mud pots" — caldrons of thick, muddy water bubbling with the release of hot water and gas from deep underground.

In A Corner Of Southern California, Cauldrons Of Muddy Water Bubble

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And now, a 90-second story told not with words, but with sound. Producer Sam Harnett and Chris Hoff take their microphones to unusual places to capture these stories for their tiny podcast. It's called "The World According To Sound." Today, we'll hear a corner of Southern California where cauldrons of muddy water bubble.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: These are mud pots. They're spitting gray mud like little volcanoes.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: You can only find mud pots in a few places around the country. That's because conditions have to be perfect. You need the right kind of muddy soil, geothermal activity to heat up water underground and cracks in the earth where the mud can spurt out of. Put all that together, and you might get a little mud pot. We recorded these mud pots near the Salton Sea in Southern California. Each pot's got its own particular personality.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: "The World According To Sound" is made by Chris Hoff and Sam Harnett.


CORNISH: And you can hear more episodes of "The World According To Sound" at

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