#NPRpoetry Moment: Follow That Shiny Bald Spot To celebrate National Poetry Month this April, All Things Considered asked listeners to Tweet poems with the hashtag #NPRpoetry. Eight-year-old Lily Sciacca writes about how she finds her father.

#NPRpoetry Moment: Follow That Shiny Bald Spot

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We have one more poem for you this weekend as part of our celebration of National Poetry Month, and it comes from our youngest poet so far. Her name is Lily Sciacca, and this is what she told us.

LILY: My name is Lily Sciacca. I'm 8 years old, and I live in Haverhill, Mass. I would like to read my haiku about my dad. (Reading) Dad has a bald spot. It's shiny like the big moon so I can find him.

MARTIN: Let's hear that haiku again.

LILY: (Reading) Dad has a bald spot. It's shiny like the big moon so I can find him.

I wrote this poem because my dad just taught me how to write a haiku because I love poetry, especially Shel Silverstein and Billy Collins. I thought my poem would make my dad laugh.

MARTIN: I bet it did. That was Lily Sciacca, the 8-year-old poet with her poem "Bald Spot." We'd like to hear more of your poems this month as we celebrate National Poetry Month. Tweet us using the hashtag #NPRpoetry.

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