Meet the Expert: Andi Gutierrez Our expert Andi Gutierrez is the social media connoisseur for a galaxy far, far away. We wrote a game about our favorite combination of Star Wars and social media: Star Wars parody Twitter accounts.

Meet the Expert: Andi Gutierrez

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It's time to meet the expert. Coming to us from Lucasfilm, she's the digital communications manager for Please welcome Andi Gutierrez.


EISENBERG: Andi, thank you so much for joining us.

ANDI GUTIERREZ: Thanks for having me.

EISENBERG: So I understand that on the first day of your job at Lucasfilms, you got a pretty interesting homework assignment.

GUTIERREZ: Yeah, well, I mean, you have to know everything. So they basically just handed me the scripts and they go, OK, go. Go read them.

EISENBERG: All the scripts.

GUTIERREZ: All of them. Yeah, and then they were like, all right cool. And when you go home, go re-watch all the movies and all of "Clone Wars." I'm like, all right cool. The cool thing is that it's my job. So I can watch "Star Wars" at work and people are just like, oh good job. Stay on target. Keep it up. I'm like, all right.

EISENBERG: And you're working on - what - the blog?

GUTIERREZ: Yeah, for the past three years I've been doing the social media for "Star Wars." So if you've talked to "Star Wars" on Facebook or Twitter, that was me. Kind of working with, I host a web series called "Rebels Recon." That is a weekly series that recaps "Star Wars: Rebels" animated series, which is really awesome and everybody should be watching it.


GUTIERREZ: Yes. And, you know, we've got some exciting things coming up this year, so I'll be involved with that, too.

EISENBERG: Excellent. And - so if you're the face of social media for Lucasfilms you probably get tons of very cool fan interactions. Are there any that have stood out?

GUTIERREZ: Our community's really, really passionate.



GUTIERREZ: Generally, that's a really awesome thing, and it's been super cool to get to see all of these different kinds of people, I mean, from all walks of life come together just because they like - you know, old dudes in robes with light-up swords. Like, it's so cool.

EISENBERG: Is there a particular character that you relate to the most?

GUTIERREZ: I have a Post-It on my monitor at work that says, what would Leia do? So, you know, snark and [expletive]-kicking...


GUTIERREZ: ...That's kind of...


EISENBERG: OK, before we get to your game, I just quickly want to ask you this - I have a small problem with "Star Wars: Episode VII." So there's BB-8, right - ball rolls around - and in a scene, we see BB-8 roll down a flight of stairs. But then we never see him go back up the stairs. Can you explain that?

GUTIERREZ: So you know when the Falcon kind of flips around and he shoots out little cables that he can, like, grab onto and stabilize himself with? He can use those to get himself up stairs.



EISENBERG: Yeah, OK. You know what...


GUTIERREZ: Or he can use the force. I don't know, yeah.

EISENBERG: (Laughter) He uses the force - that is not how the force works.


EISENBERG: All right, so we have written a game about "Star Wars" and social media for you. But we didn't want it to be too easy, so we actually have found an amazing opponent for you. This is Rob Wieland.


EISENBERG: Rob, you have done so many things. But specific to this conversation, you created a "Star Wars" role-playing game.

ROB WIELAND: I worked on one of the earlier versions of the "Star Wars" role-playing game. There have been quite a few throughout the years.

EISENBERG: I'm going to say you created the one and only.


WIELAND: So you say.


WIELAND: It's really cool to hold a book in your hand and see that logo and your name underneath it. Like, it's amazing.

EISENBERG: Were your parents proud?

WIELAND: (Laughter) I think my mom said something to the effect of, well, it's finally worth all those toys I had to buy.


EISENBERG: All right, so this game is about one of our favorite parts of "Star Wars" fan culture - the parody Twitter accounts.


EISENBERG: Right, this is where fans make Twitter accounts of their favorite characters and then tweet as if they were them. So I am going to read you a tweet from an actual "Star Wars" parody account that we found online and you just have to identify the "Star Wars" character who tweeted it. And the winner is going to receive an ASK ME ANOTHER Rubik's cube.

Here's your first one. Hanging out with my dad was awkward and all he talked about was ruling the galaxy as father and son. I think he only had kids to help his career - Andi.

GUTIERREZ: Luke Skywalker.

EISENBERG: Do you know his handle?

GUTIERREZ: Oh, is this @VeryLonelyLuke?

EISENBERG: It is, yes.


EISENBERG: That is just a bonus, but I knew you would know it and...

GUTIERREZ: I like that one.


GUTIERREZ: It's a good one.

EISENBERG: This is for you, Rob. Roses are red, violets are blue, they blew up my planet, still not as whiny as Luke.


WIELAND: Oh, is it General Leia?

EISENBERG: Yes, yes...

WIELAND: @GeneralLeia?

EISENBERG: ...Exactly.


EISENBERG: Doesn't rhyme, but I like it, you know? I like the...

WIELAND: Alderaanian poetry is kind of weird. I mean, it's all blank verse and stuff.


JONATHAN COULTON: Alderaan joke.


EISENBERG: It's good.

WIELAND: The only room an Alderaan joke will land in.

EISENBERG: That's great. What's the word for when your father is frozen in carbonite but emotionally for your whole childhood?



GUTIERREZ: That would be another one of my favorite parody accounts, EmoKyloRen.




EISENBERG: All right this one is for you, Rob. Text me before Monday, you will not @kanyewest.


WIELAND: That would be Yoda?

EISENBERG: Yes, that would be Yoda. Andi, rolls up to you beeping affectionately. Thumbs-up because it's Friday.

GUTIERREZ: Aww, that's BB-8.

EISENBERG: Oh, little BB-8.

GUTIERREZ: So sweet, that guy.

EISENBERG: Yeah, always fun, right? Always fun. Can't get up stairs but always fun.


EISENBERG: All right, this is your last clue, Rob - breathes heavily.


WIELAND: That would be Darth Vader.

EISENBERG: Yes, it is.


EISENBERG: Let's go to our puzzle guru, Art Chung. Wait a second, how did our contestants do here?

ART CHUNG: Well, of course they got them all right...


CHUNG: ...So we have a tie, and we'll have a tiebreaker. Will you be my valentine, Leia Organa?



WIELAND: That would be Han Solo.

CHUNG: That is correct. That was @hansolo.


EISENBERG: Thank you so much, Andi Gutierrez, everybody, for joining us. And congratulations, Rob.


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