Development Planned at Elvis Honeymoon Ranch This week plans were announced to develop the Circle G Ranch in Horn Lake, Miss. That happens to be where Elvis and Priscilla Presley spent their honeymoon in 1967.

Development Planned at Elvis Honeymoon Ranch

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(Soundbite of "Teddy Bear")

Mr. ELVIS PRESLEY (Singer): (Singing) Baby, let me be your loving teddy bear.


In 1967, Elvis and Priscilla Presley honeymooned on his Circle G Ranch in Horn Lake, Mississippi, just east of Mississippi Highway 301. That's about an hour out of Tupelo. You knew that. Elvis considered the place rustic and restful, a nice spot to kick back with the peanut butter banana and bacon sandwich.

This week, the Horn Lake Board of Aldermen approved a plan to build 16 buildings, all 35 stories tall, where the deer and the antelope used to play, along with golf courses, shops, restaurants and a performing arts center. The whole complex will be called the Stars Resort. Calling it something like Rancho Elvis presumably would have cost them even more than the $2 billion they plan to spend.

There is some local concern. The resort hopes to bring in 2,000 visitors a day, which would certainly overload the present road system. There will be no gambling, but liquor will be served 24 hours a day, which concerns some of the local churches and law enforcement agencies. But just building the resort would create jobs, and a local man named Jim Jordan told the Memphis Commercial Appeal, `I'm kind of in favor of this thing. It's time Horn Lake become know as something other than a trailer park with no wheels on it.'

(Soundbite of "Teddy Bear")

Mr. PRESLEY: (Singing) 'Cause lions ain't the kind you love enough. There's a lonely...

SIMON: Coming up, our Annoying Music Man presents selections of Elvis songs that others foolishly attempted. Stay tuned.

(Soundbite of "Teddy Bear")

Mr. PRESLEY: (Singing) Put a chain around my neck and leave me anywhere. Oh, let me be...

Backup Singers: Oh, let him be...

Mr. PRESLEY: (Singing) ...your teddy bear. Oh, let me be...

Backup Singers: Oh, let him be your teddy bear.

Mr. PRESLEY: (Singing) I just wanna be your teddy bear.

Backup Singers: Oooh.

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